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Articles from The Brooklyn Rail (March 1, 2012)

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A diminished season. Forbes, Malcolm 816
A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. Van Mourik, Orli 1066
A drink to remember. Lossin, R.H. 1639
A life in underground letters: Barney Rosset in conversation with Williams Cole. Cole, Williams Interview 2194
Against interpretation: Hong Sang-soo at the Museum of the Moving Image. Beckett, Colin 1241
Amina Arraf: a "queered" antidote. Agabian, Nancy 2578
Are you experienced? How psychedelic consciousness transformed modern art, by Ken Johnson. Olive, Lily Koto 852
At home in the body. Burke, Siobhan 557
Batsheva Dance Company, Hora: Brooklyn Academy of Music, March 7-10, 2012. Namerow, Evan Interview 974
Bill Jacklin: recent work, New York. St. Lascaux, David 629
Bosiljka Raditsa: The Nature of Memory. Corwin, William 556
Collage Culture: Examining the 21st Century's Identity Crisis, by Aaron Rose, Mandy Kahn, and Brian Roettinger. Dalland, Eugenie 877
Double exposure. Borkhuis, Charles Poem 363
Dove sta memoria. Storr, Robert 525
Eros plus massacre: transgressive romances from Japan and South Korea at the Japan Society. Sweeney, Emmett R. 1154
Fall into the future. Brunst, Philip 415
Fighting for the slave. Lafferty, Jim 112
Flawed composition. Nechvatal, Joseph 888
Florine Stettheimer: hieroglyphs of pleasure. Earnest, Jarrett 672
From periodic companions. Browne, Laynie 1227
From the revolution of everyday life. Vaneigem, Raoul 2670
From tidelands [latde/latte]. Perez, Craig Santos Poem 410
George Ortman. Morgan, Robert C. 752
In conversation: G. T. Pellizzi and Ray Smith with Phong Bui. Bui, Phong Interview 3471
In conversation: Malcolm Morley with Phong Bui. Bui, Phong Interview 4265
In conversation: Michelle Grabner with Barry Schwabsky. Schwabsky, Barry Interview 5297
In conversation: Richard Sieburth with Adam Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, Adam Interview 6122
It's gotta be the shoes: the Gories and Mark Sultan at the Bell House. Allen, Billups 776
Janet Fish: recent paintings. Katz, Vincent 543
Jean Dubuffet: the last two years. Oisteanu, Valery 604
Josef Albers: paintings, drawings, prints. Rhodes, David 590
Liu Xia: The Silent Strength of Liu Xia. Schultz, Charles 675
Magnus Plessen. Buhmann, Stephanie 655
Margaret Evangeline: Shooting Through The Looking Glass. Beer, Jonathan 859
Mixed messages: selections from MoMA's Documentary Fortnight 2012. Rakes, Rachael; Goldsmith, Leo 1290
Neither here nor there. Hou, Christine Shan Shan 468
Occupy criticism, occupy spring. Fuegoverde, Talib Agape 3304
Occupy main street. McLean, Paul 3062
Oedipal context: a fragment from Isolate Flecks: an anatomy. Hylton, Forrest 3051
Outtakes. Dalachinsky, Steve 1146
Patrick Wilson: color space. Larkin, Corina 640
Paul Taylor Dance Company: in conversation: Paul Taylor with Nancy Dalva. Dalva, Nancy Interview 994
Perversion is no longer perverse. Rosen, David 1442
Rapid transit: part epitaph, part history, part malaprop, part orgasm. Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers 765
Really good vibrations: Harry Bertoia's sonambient sound sculptures: a conversation with artist Val Bertoia. St.-Lascaux, David Interview 1870
Report card: ending mayoral control. Featherstone, Liza 1173
Resurrected fiction. Brill, Marietta 695
Resuscitating Carrie: in dialogue: Lawrence D. Cohen with Tommy Smith. Smith, Tommy 1623
Salvation army of one. Forbes, Malcolm 782
Sergej Jensen: Sergej Jensen. Kniaz, Linnea 430
Shirking the new literacy. Versteegh, Adrian 867
Status of limitations. Holmes, Jenine 358
Talking band's Hot Lunch Apostles serves up religion, raunch, and desperation. Kranz, Rachel 2115
The art of medicine: over 2,000 years of images and imagination, by Julie Anderson, Emm Barnes, and Emma Shackleton. Clark, Carol Z.; Clark, Orlo H. 1640
The cleaning of a great city. Waring, George E., Jr. 5936
The Diary of Martin Santome: a novel. Benedetti, Mario; Morales, Harry 7911
The drug war inside. Flores-Williams, Jason 1591
The man with the golden pen. 482
The Santorum syndrome. Terry, Michael 1281
The young and the radical. Al-Shawaf, Rayyan 952
Thomas Scheibitz: a panoramic view of basic events. Goodman, Jonathan 630
Tour diary of Das Racist's 2012 Australia/New Zealand relax tour, January 19-February 5, 2012. Kondabolu, Ashok Calendar 2066
Two Sonnets for Joe Green. Mazer, Ben Poem 277
Untitled Frieze Fair 2007: installation by Gert and Uwe Tobias. Pundyk, Anne Sherwood 642
Vanishing point: will the RIAA and MPAA wipe international music off the globe? Sullivan, Gary 1806
Waiting for the (thin) man. Simmons, Todd 1931
Watch love grow. Febos, Melissa 3699

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