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Articles from The Brooklyn Rail (June 1, 2012)

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3 stories. Mockler, Anna 935
A field of one's own. Mann, Mary 1292
A qui le Quebec? Scenes from the maple spring. Thompson, M.J. 1004
Aaron Curry: Buzz Kill. Goodman, Jonathan 675
Aftereffects: mapping the experimental ethnography of Juan Downey in The Invisible Architect. Cordova, Amalia 1171
Andre Masson: The mythology of desire: Masterworks from 1925 to 1945. Oisteanu, Valery 807
Arts and letters: the sequel: a fragment from Isolate Flecks: An Anatomy. Hylton, Forrest 4338
Ascent for Myron Stout and Ralph Ellison. Larocco, Ben 552
Beauty and the beast: a dispatch from Athens. Triantafillou, Katerina 1907
Beginning of the end of the beginning of. In conversation: David Gordon with Nancy Dalva. Dalva, Nancy Interview 1179
Being from Where. Lazarra, Marina Poem 284
Carsten Holler: Artist's portfolio. Morris, Hamilton 884
Closer, please. Burke, Siobhan 724
Cui Fei & Taca Sui: Origins. Schultz, Charlie 864
Dan Flavin's altering light. Lindquist, Greg 977
Deviant reflections: a voice for sexual freedom. Rosen, David 1398
Drugs and other loves. Feast, Jim 759
Early conceptual art: documents, installations, and related manifestations: An Accumulation of Information Taken From Here to There. Morgan, Robert C. 933
Earthship, New Mexico. Reigh, Samara 3292
East was Eden. Lybarger, Jeremy 2351
Educated, civilized, and utterly lost. Suffern, James Leon 495
Ellen Phelan: Encyclopedia of Drawing, 1964-2012. Bui, Phong 1166
Fiona Rae: Maybe you can live on the moon in the next century. Corwin, William 1163
Footsteps into a new life. Bader, Eleanor J. 1541
Forever's no time at all. Shirley, David Sound recording review 1833
Francesca Dimattio: Table Setting and Flower Arranging. Yerby, Erin 831
Frank Stout: (1926-2012). Hullot-Kentor, Robert 409
From Cleves. Darrieussecq, Marie 2020
From the revolution of everyday life. Vaneigem, Raoul 2835
From the secret life of objects. Raffel, Dawn 597
Goofing off. Cole, William Rossa 3897
In conversation: Benjamin Marra with Ashok Kondabolu. Kondabolu, Ashok Interview 2009
In conversation: BOA editions with Aspen Matis. Matis, Aspen Interview 1824
In conversation: Christopher Bram with Scott Cheshire. Cheshire, Scott Interview 2448
In conversation: Dana Schutz with Jarrett Earnest. Earnest, Jarrett Interview 4336
In conversation: Jim Leedy with Kara Rooney. Rooney, Kara Interview 4722
In conversion: Yan Pei-Min with Charles Schultz. Schultz, Charles Interview 3372
In dialogue: how to be a feminist and still get laid: Gina Gionfriddo's Rapture, Blister, Burn. Walat, Kathryn Interview 1756
Intimate gatherings. Shan Shan Hou, Christine 830
Joseph Nechvatal: nOise anusmOs. Morgan, Robert C. 848
Kelly Jazvac: Thermoloaded. Lossin, R.H. 895
Letter from Tokyo. Myers, Terry R. 1263
Love of Destiny. Leon, Jon Poem 255
Martin Puryear: new sculpture. Bui, Phong 1137
Minced Pollock. Rubin, Judah Poem 268
Music of the sphere. St.-Lascaux, David 825
N. Dash. Straus, Michael 784
Narratives of isolation: in conversation: Jacqueline Goss with Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa. Schultz-Figueroa, Benjamin Interview 3054
Not so wild about wild. Van Mourik, Orli 781
Notes on altered states. Johnson, Ken 417
On Blunderbuss and Jack White's lonesome mass appeal. Klarl, Joseph 844
Other side of the underneath. Arden, Jane Cartoon 251
Our nada who art in nada: notes on suicide. Raskin, Jonah 2438
Outtakes. Dalachinsky, Steve 848
Poem. Lazarra, Marina Poem 108
Rapid transit. Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers 702
Report card: a Philadelphia story. Featherstone, Liza Report 1137
Restrictions, limitations, confinements. Tarnowski, Dan 618
Sam Gordon: trompe i'oeil. Quagliata, Gail Victoria Braddock 544
Select recipes from: Bean dip & nothingness: the existentialists, Cookbook. Motley, T. Cartoon 457
Shura Chernozatonskaya: Raw/Cooked. Sheer, Veronika 1162
So. Seven playwrights, five directors, and four producers sit down to write a play ... No joke: We Play For the Gods at the women's project. Palmer, Kristen 2277
Taylor Davis. St.-Lascaux, David 864
The constellar sounds and stories of Shelley Hirsch. Tavel, Holly 897
The diary of Martin Santome: a novel. Benedetti, Mario Calendar 8900
The fall. Whitehead, Peter Cartoon 283
The other world. Nelson, Ashley K. 806
The Parade: Nathalie Djurberg with Music by Hans Berg. Rooney, Kara L. 694
The raw and the cooked. Cappetta, Andrew 1844
Time-lapse. Larkin, Corina 1015
Varda Caivano / Yael Davids. Rhodes, David 1032
Vestiarium Scoticum by Nick Relph (KLTB, 2011). Bhuller, Sandeep 715
Video tape. Core, Leopoldine Poem 291
What is the Miami Rail? Bui, Phong 681
Writing 'not the whole story' history. Reeck, Matt 745
Writing from nowhere. Quigley, Timothy R. 1132

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