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Articles from The Brooklyn Rail (February 1, 2012)

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A festival of reason and the art of common sense. Moylan, Christopher 2895
A little heap for Dara Greenwald. Rakes, Rachael 759
A Pornographer Bares All: Sam Benjamin With Winston Len. Len, Winston 1463
Adventures In Realness. Burke, Siobhan 1324
All painting only painting. Katz, Vincent 433
Amateur night: a fragment from isolate flecks: an anatomy. Hylton, Forrest 2474
American Ringstrasse. Wescott, David 723
Anonymous Tantra paintings. Dillon, Noah 276
Answers Without Questions. Murphy, Jerome 481
Barbara Sandler: Straight on Till Morning. Berlind, Robert 214
Believing Is Seeing: Observations On The Mysteries Of Photography: by Errol Morris (PENGUIN, 2011). Bittencourt, Ela 854
Bill Jensen. La Rocco, Ben 622
Bosco Sodi: Ubi Sunt. Goodman, Jonathan 200
Breaking down the fourth wall-again. Cappetta, Andrew 1846
Bubbles: Spheres, Volume I: Microspherology: by Peter Sloterdijk. Ganz, John 1941
City Notes: fear of the first amendment. Hamm, Theodore 787
Connected. Dillon, Noah 206
Conquering The Third Reich. Cacciola, Ariell 785
Counter Projections: Paul Sharits or Greene Naftali Gallery. Schultz-Figueroa, Benjamin 1120
Daina Higgins: New Paintings. Schultz, Charles 214
Damien Hirst: The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011. Larkin, Corina 267
Dark Christmas. Rubenstein, Bradley 215
David Driskell: Creative Spirit: Five Decades. Goodbody, Bridget 225
December (Organized by Howie Chen). Kernan, Nathan 216
Double Jackpot. Holmes, Jenine 181
Doug Wada: Americana. Wei, Lilly 191
Edwin Dickinson: In Retrospect. Berlind, Robert 212
Ellsworth Kelly: Schwarz & Weiss. Rhodes, David 222
Emma's lyricism. Fiske, Courtney 1026
Excerpt from Evelyn. Jonas, Julia May Poem 264
Extravagant Blooms. Holmes, Jenine 649
Feminist Killjoys. Hou, Christine Shan Shan 597
First Summer Poem. Henriksen, Laura Poem 172
Five Works from the Collection Of Albert Murray: Romare Bearden and Norman Lewis. Schultz, Charles 223
From The Revolution of Everyday Life. Vaneigem, Raoul 2361
George Hugnets: The Love Life of the Spumifers. Oisteanu, Valery 180
George Mcneil. Berlind, Robert 201
Gordon Moore. Waltemath, Joan 1052
Gudmundur Thoroddsen: Father's Father. Javier, Paolo 282
In conversation: Carl Andrea with Michele Gerber Klein and Phong Bui. Phong, Bui; Klein, Michele Gerber 5331
In conversation: David Hockney with William Corwin. Corwin, William Interview 4183
In conversation: Linda Mary Montano with Charles Duncan. Duncan, Charles Interview 4531
In conversation: Rosalind Krauss with Yve-Alain Bois. Bois., Yve-Alain Interview 6258
In conversation: the penultimate P: Erin Courtney with Madeleine George. George, Madeleine 1552
In dialogue: naked in Yosemite with Daniel Talbott. Eason, Laura 1616
Is That All There Is? by Joost Swarte (Fantagraphics, 2012). Kartalopoulos, Bill 827
Jess: Paintings. Bui, Phong 205
Jose Rivera. Kernan, Nathan 178
Joseph Marioni: Eye to Eye. Morgan, Robert C. 972
Joseph Montgomery: Velveteen. Kniaz, Linnea 228
Kandinsky's "Painting with White Border". Bee, Susan 217
Kristeva's top-down critique. Lossin, R.H. 2152
Letter from the trail: Atwater's ghost. Terry, Michael 2170
Lifting the Curtain: Set Designers Peter Ksander and Mimi Lien with Gary Winter. Winter, Gary 1822
Lo And Behole. Estes, Alex 1199
Lois Dodd: New Panel Paintings. Butler, Sharon 191
Lola Montes Schnabel: Love Before Intimacy. Markus, David 129
Lori Ellison. Larkin, Corina 224
Making American Taste: Narrative Art For a New Democracy. McAdams, Shane 1002
Malcolm Morley: Another way to make an image, monotypes. Storr, Robert 210
Martha Clippinger: Hopscotch. Berlind, Robert 209
Master Bill at MoMA. Sandler, Irving 941
Matti Braun: Ave Vala. Rhodes, David 652
Mind the Gap. Pundyk, Anne Sherwood 206
Mother of All Collaborations: The Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf Debuts a Chamber Opera. Del Vecchio, Jessica 1772
Music that picks you up. Bader, Eleanor J. 1176
Nellie Tinder sets fire to Evelyn. Harnetiaux, Trish 1032
Nigerian Spammer. Fitzgerald, Adam Poem 527
Not reconciled: Ben Wheatrley's Kill List. Coldiron, Phil 1004
Occupying W. S. Niederkorn, William S. 1771
Outtakes. Dalachinsky, Steve 1883
Peter Downsbrough: The Book(s): edited by Moritz Kung (Hatje Cantz, 2011). Masheck, Joseph 1186
Peter Gallo. Goodman, Jonathan 207
Rembrandt's World: Dutch Drawings from the Clement C. Moore Collection. Christoph, Sarah 207
Report card: the privatized mind. Featherstone, Liza 1224
Riffing on Schoenberg: Fieldwork's hypnotic virtuosity. St. Lascaux, David 836
Road To Nowhere. Murphy, Jerome 379
Sangram Majumdar: New Work. Rooney, Kara L. 198
Snapshots Of The Artist. Campanioni, Chris 701
Soto: Pari and Beyond, 1950-1970. Fisher, Cora 190
Studio visit: Joyce Pensato. Corwin, William 939
Sui Generis. Feast, Jim 638
Susanna Heller's studio. Berlind, Robert 882
Tense Change: Leave the Balcony Open by Maya MacDonald. Hartman, Karen 1172
That's all she wrote Edited. La Rocco, Claudia 282
The brief histories & modern journey of a vinyl record. Cooper, Sean 3598
The Burqa Unveiled. Eller, John Emrys 455
The Diary of Martin Santome: a novel. Benedetti, Mario; Morales, Harry 5909
The Missionary. Henriksen, Laura Poem 400
The N.Y.P.D. clamps down on Jazz. Segura, Liliana 1651
The Renaissance Portrait from Donatello to Bellini. Schor, Mira 250
The Ronald S. Lauder Collection: Selections from the 3rd Century BC to the 20th Century / Germany, Austria, and France. Schultz, Charles 224
The Stuart Sherman Spectacle. Axelrod, Liz 1022
The Weather in Fritz Bemelmans Park. Tavel, Holly 3689
This is what your ad will look like. Lorber, Brendan Poem 198
Thomas Woodruff: The Four Temperament Variations. Rooney, Kara L. 199
Tragic Strip. Motley, T. Cartoon 132
Translation as erasure in Leonard Cohen's Songs from a Room. Yarbrough, Marshall 1821
Unlikely Friends: James Brooks & Dan Flavin. Butler, Sharon 196
Victor Matthews. Katz, Vincent 165
Within/without: a studio visit with Shoshana Dentz. Wollard, Zachary 1322
WR: the wanderings of a lost soul. Rosen, David 1619

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