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Articles from The Brooklyn Rail (April 1, 2012)

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"Floating above the earth, never anchored to time or place": Love Camp 7: Love Camp VII (Bowlmor Records). Shirley, David 1876
"I want it! I need it!". Richards, M.T. 854
A letter to Blinky Palermo from Jonathan Goodman. Goodman, Jonathan 738
A letter to Bryan Osburn from Trevor Winkfield. Winkfield, Trevor 1095
A letter to Cindy Sherman from Christopher Stackhouse. Stackhouse, Christopher 962
A letter to Djuna Barnes from Joseph Klarl. Klarl, Joseph 851
A letter to John Evans from Valery Oisteanu. Oisteanu, Valery 612
A letter to Kenneth Kramer from Robert C. Morgan. Morgan, Robert C. 1017
A letter to King Terry from Gail Quagliata. Quagliata, Gail 631
A letter to Lionel Maunz from Charles Schultz. Schultz, Charles 879
A letter to Margaret Noel from Joan Waltemath. Waltemath, Joan 554
A letter to Martin Mullin from Carter Ratcliff. Ratcliff, Carter 688
A letter to Moira Dryer from David Rhodes. Rhodes, David 656
A letter to Philip Guston from David Rhodes. Rhodes, David 474
A letter to Picasso from Dan Tarnowski. Tarnowski, Dan 487
A letter to Raphael Rubinstein from Daniel Wiener. Wiener, Daniel 989
A letter to Robert Smithson from Greg Lindquist. Lindquist, Greg 685
A letter to Tamara Gonzales from Sharon Butler. Butler, Sharon 373
A little yes and a big no? Ashton, Dore 762
A stageful of toys: Kronos Quartet at Zankel Hall, February 28. St.-Lascaux, David 795
A Voodoo Doll's House. McConaghy, Jeff 503
Agnes Martin. Fiske, Courtney 838
Alone in the zone: in conversation Geoff Dyer with Monica Westin. Westin, Monica Interview 1806
An open letter on the subject of ritual. Rooney, Kara L. 808
Another prohibition: uncovering the real 1920s. Rosen, David 1879
Anthology film archives presents: Carmelo Bene. Swain, Troy 211
Back to 1911 movement: manifesto #3: "Music". Wilson, Peter Lamborn 504
City notes: Murphy's dissent. Hamm, Theodore 1032
Class notes: A fragment from Isolate Flecks: An Anatomy. Hylton, Forrest 3377
Creating a groundswell in Brooklyn. Company overview 1529
Cxxx. Brown, Lee Ann Poem 203
Daniel Fish: a (radically condensed and expanded) supposedly fun thing I'll never do again (After David Foster Wallace). Winter, Gary 982
David Shrigley: Brain Activity. Nadel, Dan 789
Def Jam Recordings: The First 25 Years of the Last Great Record Label. Kondabolu, Ashok 1714
Divine error. Gold, Neale Bachmann 893
Don't Miss Your Water. Fagin, Betsy Poem 103
Editor's note. Mandl, Dave 153
Et tu, bravo? Andi Stover's Julie S. Caesar & The Real Housewives of Trevi. Leeson, Jennifer 1821
From Box Score: An Autobiography. Varrone, Kevin 1732
From Some Worlds For Dr. Vogt. Yankelevich, Matvei Poem 387
From Sonics. Brown, Lee Ann Poem 167
From the revolution of everyday life: a new translation from the French by Donald Nicholson-Smith. Vaneigem, Raoul; Nicholson-Smith, Donald 2771
Half in speculation. Campanioni, Chris 783
Hold me now. Shathley, Q. 1489
In conversation: Alan Moore with Kathy Battista. Battista, Kathy Interview 1711
In conversation: Alexander S.C. Rower with Joost Elffers. Elffers, Joost Interview 3294
In conversation: Ice makes fire. Earnest, Jarrett Interview 5594
In conversation: John Newman with Phong Bui. Bui, Phong Interview 4523
In conversation: Julia Kunin with Maria Elen Gonazalez. Gonzalez, Maria Elena Interview 4434
In dialogue: Chimichangas and Zoloft with Fernanda Coppel. Cram, Cusi 1625
In like a lion. Sohad, Ed 659
Institutional adjustments. Cappetta, Andrew 884
Intervention that works. Rossmeier, Vincent 1125
Kusama, in her own words. Gomez, Edward M. 1347
L'art le plus politique: in conversation Nicole Brenez with Donal Foreman. Foreman, Donal Interview 4687
Life is elsewhere. Wilcox, Allen 1358
Listen closely. Terry, Laura Smith 558
Lotus eaters for public consumption. Lain, Gary 531
Mark Morris versus the music. Wenzel, Ryan 518
Memory Day Sonnet. Brown, Lee Ann Poem 160
Missive to Frank O'Hara from Vincent Katz. Katz, Vincent 639
Mitt ain't got it. Terry, Michael 956
Narrative fuel. Patrinos, Angela 870
Oceanography. Dalva, Nancy 1173
On Barney Rosset. Feast, Jim 987
Outtakes. Dalachinsky, Steve 1046
Pompous circumstance. Laine, Tatiaana 439
Rapid transit: China, Chicago, and the exigencies of Google chat. Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers 695
Reinterpret 'River'. Fagin, Betsy Poem 109
Report card: "Education for sale". Featherstone, Liza 991
Size matters. Renek, Nava 1011
Some rules for the conduct of young gentlemen. Cole, William 1150
The Albion Nation: communes on the Mendocino coast. Winslow, Cal 7605
The diary of Martin Santome: a novel: a new translation of La Tregua. Benedetti, Mario; Morales, Harry 7674
The future of art: a manual. Teeling, Joseph 780
The green nuke lovers are wrong. Parenti, Christian 1138
The Hotel Tehran. Igoe, Matt 5833
The meaning of "Live". Maxfield, Sarah 1191
The Present. Bell, Adam 831
The regulars. Hoang, Lily 5770
They don't bake 'em like they used to: in the archives with Sean Cooper from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 18 April 1845. 279
To my fellow Cultural Omnivores. Perry, Eve 659
To whom it must concern. Rubinstein, Raphael 542
Whit Stillman's deranged Damsels. Felten, Paul 1104

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