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Articles from The Brooklyn Rail (September 1, 2011)

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Title Author Type Words
A China hand. Terry, Michael 890
A new anniversary. Hamm, Theodore 434
A race to nowhere. Barkan, Ross 1477
A very productive season. Elizabeth, Nicolle 445
Activists & aliens: films of unrest at the 2011 Festival del Film Locarno. Goldsmith, Leo 1258
After 9/11, listening to the city. Scher, Abby 2930
Aga Ousseinov: in the Middle of Erewhon II. Sheer, Veronika 762
Ai Weiwei: New York photographs 1983-1993. Yau, John 1047
Alan Pierson: making "Brooklyn's orchestra". Grella, George Interview 1638
Andy's animals. Schultz-Figueroa, Benjamin 668
At the Merce Fair. Thompson, M.J. 767
Audience-generated performance: a summer spent watching. Maxfield, Sarah 1427
Auroch's Library: chess match. Gottlieb, Benjamin 822
Can I Get a Witness? Joshua Abelow, Joachim "Yoyo" Friedrich, and Matt Connolly. 1200
Carrie Moyer with Phong Bui. Bui, Phong Interview 4379
Ceal Floyer: Esther Schipper, Berlin / June 9-July 30, 2011. Rhodes, David 750
Charles Atlas: joints array. Milder, Patricia 923
Cinema as an event: an interview with Light Industry's Ed Halter. Rakes, Rachael; Goldsmith, Leo Interview 2630
Come 'n' get it: Conni's Restaurant lands in Brooklyn. Moschitto, Melissa F. 1768
Connie Congdon needs to have her mouth washed out with soap. Brownell, Julia Interview 1458
CY Twombly: sculpture. Pundyk, Anne Sherwood 1125
Death agents. Bengan, John 1210
Difficult facts: Esfir Shub and the problem of realism. Osipova, Anastasiya 1818
DJ Frogs. Berssenbrugge, Mei-mei Poem 513
Endless Remake. Schwabsky, Barry Poem 246
Game-changer? Kalm, James 1622
Gillian Jagger with Ben La Rocco. La Rocco, Ben Interview 5264
God never dies: Eugenio Polgovsky's The Inheritors. Bresnick, Polly 1233
Goddesses, ovaries, and the seductress: bring it on home to me. Davis, Lisa Corinne 1978
How to proceed in the arts (after O'Hara and Rivers, with love). La Rocco, Ben; Olson, Craig Reprint 2145
In case something different happens in the future: Joseph Beuys and 9/11. Strauss, David Levi 3137
In proximity of a public in process. Evans, Ben 1873
In Venice: Schnabel and the persistence of art. Morgan, Robert C. 712
Keeping score. Aitcheson, Connie 1134
Kristyna and Marek Milde: in Loving Memory. Quagliata, Gail Victoria Braddock 618
La Carte D'Apres Nature. Fisher, Cora 906
La Saison de Claude Oskar Monet. Morgan, Robert C. 2220
Lalalalandia. Gerard, Brennan; Kelly, Ryan 2146
Lynne Tillman with Caroline Ball. Ball, Caroline Interview 1610
Madame futurist. Gutkin, Len 710
Made in Java. Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers Poem 121
Made in Mandalay. Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers Poem 115
Made in Siam. Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers Poem 124
Made In Valhalla. Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers Poem 125
Mappa Mundi: the Sstructure of Western Thought. Glover, Douglas 9093
Morgan Packard: Dihedral Product. Schultz, Charles M. 787
Musik Als Trager Von Ideen. Beeson, John 771
Neither wife nor widow. Schriber, Abbe 974
New York's best-kept jazz secret. Niederkorn, William S. 3410
Nicely dressed noise. Burian, Al 1315
No place to sleep. Bader, Eleanor J. 1750
Rapid transit: or a fistful of fulfilling fall books. Wright, Jeffrey Cyphers 735
Report card: Our fake school board. Featherstone, Liza 1551
Sarah Lucas with William Corwin. Corwin, William Interview 3660
Smoke and mirrors. Rosenthal, Randy 733
Studio portrait. Parcham, Mani 347
Tale of the tables. Lassaw, Denise 1033
Talk to Me: design and the communication between people and objects. St.-Lascaux, David 1060
The accidental activist. Mattocks, Aaron 1687
The city revealed. Steinhauer, Jillian 3564
The gay man who loved women. Cihlar, James 1403
The geist of independence: down by the River festival, Berlin. Flierl, Laura 781
The God Helmet. Schwabsky, Barry Poem 115
The power of second: Johan Harstad with Ann Votaw. Votaw, Ann Interview 1458
The serial name-dropper. Abernathy, Ray 549
The slippery slope of "terrorism": If A Tree Falls's Sam Cullman: in conversation with Williams Cole. Cole, Williams Interview 1996
The thunder sheet, the zither, and the mousepad: white out with Ikue Mori at the stone. St.-Lascaux, David 874
Tracey Emin: Love is What You Want. Katz, Vincent 1032
Vital victuals: a (post)modern remix. Smith, Jeffrey P. 1013
Voila, Paris! Wilcox, Allen 995
Winners and losers in the "New India": Siddhartha Deb in conversation with Scott Sherman. Sherman, Scott Interview 2947
World of debt: David Graeber with Spencer Woodman. Woodman, Spencer Interview 3169

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