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The British Museum Book of Greek and Roman Art.

This book provides the reader with an opportunity to note stylistic and cultural change over 3,500 years. Based on the Greek and Roman antiquities in the collection of the British Museum, the 182 illustrations (seventy-five in full color) take the reader from the Early Greek Bronze Age (3200 BC), through the Geometric, Classical and Hellenistic periods. Civilizations viewed through their arts include the Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean and Etruscan, as well as Greece and Rome.

Written for anyone curious about Greek and Roman Art, not just for the specialist. The author documents and describes an amazing range of art expression including pottery, sculpture, jewelry, mosaics, architecture, coinage and engraved sealstones. Recommended for artroom or library resource centers from middle school through university.
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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