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Articles from The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (June 1, 1994)

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Title Author Type Words
A solution to a problem for Bayesian confirmation theory. Otte, Richard 2601
Abstract complexity theory and the mind-machine problem. Lyngzeidetson, Albert E.; Solomon, Martin K. 2206
An examination of some metaphorical contexts for biologically motivated computing. Paton, R.C.; Nwana, H.S.; Shave, M.J.R.; Bench-Capon, T.J.M. 7030
Anatomy of the unsought finding. Serendipity: origin, history, domains, traditions, appearances, patterns and programmability. Van Andel, Pek 7381
Bayesian conditionalization and probability kinematics. Howson, Colin; Franklin, Allan 8130
Bayesian confirmation: paradise regained. Rosenkrantz, R.D. 4483
Comment on Barrett and Sober's paper on the relevance of entropy to retrodiction and prediction. Denbigh, K.G. 1324
Comparing theories by their positive and negative contents. Burger, Isabella C.; Heidema, Johannes 9497
Connectionism and the language of thought. Rowlands, Mark 8301
Did the big bang have a cause? Smith, Quentin 9290
Double brain, double person? Thornton, M. 1182
Icon and 'Bild': a note on the analogical structure of models - the role of models in experiment and theory. Horgan, James 2142
Is there anthropological evidence that logic is culturally relative?: remarks on Bloor, Jennings, and Evans-Pritchard. Triplett, Timm 5354
Numbers as quantitative relations and the traditional theory of measurement. Michell, Joel 8408
On the method of superposition. Adams, Ernest W. 7590
Phenomena and representation. Nelkin, Norton 10523
Probabilistic support, probabilistic induction and Bayesian confirmation theory. Rivadulla, Andres 3245
Reply to David Papineau. Urbach, Peter 1762
Ross' paradox is an impossible super-task. Van Bendegem, Jean Paul 2392
Testing normative naturalism: the problem of scientific medicine. Munson, Ronald; Roth, Paul 6544
The 'ignis fatuus' of semantic universalia: the case of colour. Van Brakel, J. 8155
The foundations of quantum mechanics and the approach to thermodynamic equilibrium. Albert, David Z. 3574
The image of observables. Hardcastle, Valerie Gray 5522
The lessons of the hole argument. Rynasiewicz, Robert 13083
The virtues of randomization. Papineau, David 6143
Transplantation, chemical inheritance, and the identity of organs. Munzer, Stephen R. 7107
William Whewell: problems of induction vs. problems of rationality. Wettersten, John 13374

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