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The Bridge at the End of the World.

The Bridge at the End of the World, James Gustave Speth.

At the end of his career as a litigator, academic and veritable environmental prophet, Gus Speth has reached a disturbing conclusion: "All we have to do to ruin the planet is to keep doing exactly what we're doing today." The environmental movement, he argues, is swimming upstream--limited by our cloistered approach to change and a failure to address the systemic failures of a myopic economic system. Passing the torch to the next generation, he offers a thoughtful analysis of these systemic challenges and outlines the necessary steps for transformative change. The Bridge at the Edge of the World is essential reading for those preparing to make the crossing.

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Author:Best, Hilary
Publication:Alternatives Journal
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2010
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