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Articles from The Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases (July 1, 2013)

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"Catarrhal physiognomy" and Koplik's spots. Li, Zhengxiao; Zhao, Wenxue; Ji, Fanpu Case study 521
Adherence to antiretroviral prophylaxis during early infancy in Latin America. Hofer, Cristina B.; Harris, D. Robert; Saavedra, Mariza C.; Haberer, Jessica E.; Romeiro, Juliana; M Letter to the editor 1317
Aging with HIV: a practical review. Cardoso, Sandra Wagner; Torres, Thiago Silva; Santini-Oliveira, Marilia; Marins, Luana Monteiro Spin Report 11062
Antimicrobial susceptibility associated with bloodstream infections in children: a referral hospital-based study. Ashtiani, Mohammad Taghi Haghi; Mamishi, Setareh; Masoomi, Ahmad; Nasiri, Nafiseh; Hosseini, Mohamma Letter to the editor 1145
Antimicrobials and renal failure in neutropenic patients. Franca, Monique Sedlmaier; Lima, Stella Sala Soares; Duclou, Caroline Naback; Goulart, Eugenio Marco Report 3062
Bacteremia due to Achromobacter xylosoxidans in neonates: clinical features and outcome. Turel, Ozden; Kavuncuoglu, Sultan; Hosaf, Emine; Ozbek, Sibel; Aldemir, Esin; Uygur, Turkan; Hatipog Report 3011
Chloroquine sensitizes biofilms of Candida albicans to antifungal azoles. Shinde, Ravikumar Bapurao; Raut, Jayant Shankar; Chauhan, Nitin Mahendra; Karuppayil, Sankunny Mohan Report 3407
Contribution of different mechanisms to the resistance to fluoroquinolones in clinical isolates of Salmonella enterica. Rushdy, Abeer Ahmed; Mabrouk, Mona Ibrahim; Abu-Sef, Ferialla Abdel-Hamid; Kheiralla, Zeinab Hassan; Report 5051
Differential gene expressions of the MAPK signaling pathway in enterovirus 71-infected rhabdomyosarcoma cells. Shi, Weifeng; Hou, Xueling; Lia, Xiang; Penga, Hongjun; Shi, Mei; Jiang, Qingbo; Liu, Xiping; Yao, Y Report 4641
Direct detection of [bla.sub.OXA-23] gene from endotracheal aspirates by real time PCR. Brust, Flavia R.; Massi, Lisandra; Cantarelli, Vlademir V.; Zavasckid, Alexandre P. Report 1262
Dyslipidemia and fasting glucose impairment among HIV patients three years after the first antiretroviral regimen in a Brazilian AIDS outpatient clinic. Neto, Lauro Ferreira da Silva Pinto; das Neves, Mariza Barros; Ribeiro-Rodrigues, Rodrigo; Page, Kim Report 4017
Economic evaluation of treatments for chronic hepatitis B. Wiens, Astrid; Lenzi, Luana; Venson, Rafael; Pedroso, Maria Lucia Alves; Correr, Cassyano Januario; Report 6270
Estimating risk factors for acinetobacter bacteremia in pediatric settings. Ekinci, Faruk; Bayram, Nuri; Devrim, Ilker; Apa, Hursit; Gulfidan, Gamze; Gunay, Ilker Report 1018
False-positive results in screening for metallo-[beta]-lactamase are observed in isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii due to production of oxacilinases. Martins, Andreza F.; Borges, Aline; Pagano, Mariana; Dalla-Costa, Libera Maria; Barth, Afonso L. Letter to the editor 770
Gestational toxoplasmosis in Parana State, Brazil: prevalence of IgG antibodies and associated risk factors. Lopes-Mori, Fabiana Maria Ruiz; Mitsuka-Bregano, Regina; Bittencourt, Laura Helena Franca de Barros; Report 3607
In vitro activity of non-bactericidal concentrations of polymyxin B in combination with other antimicrobials against OXA-23-producing carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii. Netto, Barbara; Vieira, Bruno J.; Hermes, Djuli M.; Ribeiro, Vanessa B.; Zavascki, Alexandre P. Report 1487
Lemierre syndrome from a neck abscess due to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Abhishek, Agarwal; Sandeep, Singla; Tarun, Pandey Clinical report 1447
Prediction of bacterial meningitis based on cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis in children. Agueda, Sofia; Campos, Teresa; Maia, Ana Report 2607
Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus/hepatitis C virus co-infection in Brazil and associated factors: a review. Kuehlkamp, Valdete Meurer; Schuelter-Trevisol, Fabiana Report 6441
Psychopathology and psychosocial adjustment in patients with HIV-associated lipodystrophy. Barata, Anna; Malouf, Jorge; Gutierrez, Mar; Mateo, Gracia Maria; Sambeat, Maria Antonia; Gich, Igna Report 3970
Sulbactam-based therapy for Acinetobacter baumannii infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Chu, Haiqing; Zhao, Lan; Wang, Minggui; Liu, Yang; Gui, Tao; Zhang, Jingbo Report 2908
Therapeutic effects of blood purification in treatment of fulminant hepatic failure. Pu, Yunchuan; Yang, Daokun; Mao, Yanqun; Zhang, Ying; Chen, Kaihong Report 2517
Therapeutic impact of CT-guided percutaneous catheter drainage in treatment of deep tissue abscesses. Asaia, Nobuhiro; Ohkuni, Yoshihiro; Yamazaki, Ikuo; Kaneko, Norihiro; Aoshima, Masahiro; Kawamura, Y Report 2598
Trends in bacterial resistance in a tertiary university hospital over one decade. Rubio, Fernando Gongora; Oliveira, Viviane Decicera Colombo; Rangel, Regina Mara Custodio; Nogueira, Report 2143

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