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The Brain-Compatible Classroom: Using What We Know about Learning to Improve Teaching.

THE BRAIN-COMPATIBLE CLASSROOM: Using What We Know About Learning To Improve Teaching. Laura Erlauer. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2003. 167pp. $23.95. This informative, easy-to-read book summarizes the latest brain research about how we learn best. The book explores seven brain-compatible fundamentals and illustrates how each can be applied by teachers across a variety of subjects and grade levels. The author gives many examples for each of the seven fundamentals outlined.

The book is written by an experienced teacher and principal, lending credibility to its application in the classroom. The intended audience is K-12 teachers, although the last chapter is for administrators. The materials seem more suited for K-8 grade level teachers, however, offering a concise summary of what we know to be methods in which our brains learn. Although many of these methods are familiar to us, we sometimes forget to apply them to the ways students learn. Erlauer does a wonderful job of reminding us about what works in the classroom.

Fermin Jaramillo,

Baldwin Park Unified School District,

Baldwin Park, CA
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Author:Jaramillo, Fermin
Publication:Childhood Education
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Date:Dec 22, 2004
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