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The Box: SOAP BOX.

ASHLEY is impressed by the way Laurel nurses an ill Gabby and begins to wonder what he'd do without her. But he's still not prepared for her declaration of love. Will she get her heart broken yet again?

Scott takes great delight in evicting Marlon and getting Zak and Shadrach arrested, but they are quick to take revenge. Steph makes up with her father, but then ruins their new friendship with her furious reaction when she catches Turner kissing Shelly. And Debbie is devastated to learn that Cain won't be released from prison for another month.


DARREN Osbourne is a really nasty piece of work. This week he steals his father's credit card and goes on a spending spree - surely Jack must now see what he's really like? Meanwhile Nick and Kristian hunt for the lost art project and Mr C's latest political scheme is to run for Mayor of Hollyoaks.

Coronation Street

WHEN Tracy's waters break on Monday, Steve drives her to hospital but then scarpers, unlike poor deluded Roy who plays the doting father. Later Steve visits his new daughter and struggles with his paternal feelings. But when he tells Tracy they can never be together, she hands baby Patience over to a delighted Roy and Hayley, much to Blanche's fury.

Maria is horrified at the prospect of moving in with Nick, Gail and David, while Katy goes to a concert with Karl - but Martin needn't be so jealous, as he's gay. In a clear pointer to trouble ahead, Todd's ears prick up at this revelation. And look out on Friday for the return of an old face, when Steve's twin Andy turns up for his stag night. The big surprise is that he's still played by the same actor!


SERENA is lured into doing another photographic modelling session and is persuaded by Chris to wear a sexy dress. At the dance, she barely holds on to her new credibility with Erin by talking Taj into appearing to be her date. Feeling undermined, she's not brave enough to stop Erin humiliating Sky with a prank which gets out of hand.

Meanwhile Karl fears he no longer loves Susan, a Christmas decorations war breaks out and Lou has to ask himself how far he's prepared to go for love when Trixie asks him for half a million dollars.

Home and Away

LEAH finishes with a devastated Jesse, but the good news for her is that Josh has sold her house to a generous mystery buyer, who lets Alex and Leah live rent-free for as long as they want. Meanwhile Max tries to save their house by pretending it's haunted.

Flynn warns Kit she's unlikely to reach 21 if she doesn't stop drinking, but Noah can't get through to her.


SINCE when did Albert Square hold such a posh social event as a ball? Still, they scrub up pretty well for the Valentine's bash in the glamorous location of the community centre. Paul asks Nat, Spencer escorts Zoe and Dennis and Sharon get frisky. But Sonia has a sudden bout of low self-esteem and thinks she's not pretty enough for Martin, until she gets a makeover.

Charlie's coping well in prison and Adi is far from happy about Tariq being his half-brother, even if he is giving Ronny his kidney.


PALS: Ashley and Laurel MODEL: sexy Serena SCARED: Sonia worries about her looks PANIC: Steve disappears when Tracy gives birth
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Feb 8, 2004
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