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The Box: Being Frank.

YOU can't keep Frank Butcher down. He's survived a nervous breakdown and even his own funeral, and now the familiar rasping Cockney tones are back on our screens.

Actor Mike Reid returns in a oneoff EastEnders spin-off, called Perfectly Frank. He was last seen in Spain, having met up again with exwife Peggy Mitchell. She'd come over for his funeral, only to find he'd faked his death for a scam and was living off money he'd stolen from the Queen Vic.

But, even though he'd had an affair with old flame Pat, he only had to flash his smile and call her 'babe' and she forgave him, even allowing him to keep his ill-gotten gains.

It seems he returned to Britain and was going through the sleepy coastal town of Morley Bay six months ago when his car broke down. With a canny knack for making a fast buck, he soon landed on his feet by building up a business from scratch doingwhat he knows best -buying and selling cars.

His car lot, Fair Deal Frank's, is ticking along nicely and he even has another business venture, Frank's Empire Club. But on the eve of the club opening, Frank worries his luck is finally running out. The club's licence is revoked and the local underworld boss wants a favour he can't refuse. Can Frank use his gift of the gab to talk himself out of this one?


What do you take me for, some sort of pilchard? 'Ello babe! Sweetheart (pronounced swede art) Shut it you tart! You doughnut! You almost give me an 'art attack You're a wave short of an ocean Don't get smart with me Get your laughing gear round that You muppet!


1. How many children does Frank have?

2. And what are their names? 3. What was Frank's mum called?

4. And what illness did she suffer from?

5. Which country did Diane move to?

6. In which year did Pat and Frank get married?

7. What was the name of Frank's first wife?

8. On which day in 1995 did Frank return after his breakdown?

9. And on which day did Peggy discover Frank was planning to run off with Pat? 10. Who did Frank get to torch the car lot for the insurance money?


REUNITED... Peggy and Frank at his 'funeral' in Spain; EastEnders: Perfectly Frank BBC1, 8pm, Sunday; ELLO BABE... Mike Reid as Frank Butcher
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Date:Sep 21, 2003
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