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The Box: Ten teasers to get your brain into gear.

1. Which word or phrase means the same as kindling?

a) Dry wood and matches, b) Child-like, c) Gentleness with others, d) Waiting 2. A Moop is larger than a Twip. A Twip is smaller than a Blug.

Which is the smallest?

a) Moop, b) Twip, c) Blug, d) Either a Twip or a Blug3. I have pounds 60 left, having paid 25% income tax. How much did I have originally?

a) pounds 72.50, b) pounds 75, c) pounds 80, d) pounds 854. Rearrange these letters and find the related word: SNOOP a) Town, b) Jacket, c) Bird, d) Fork 5. The answer is one of the letters A, B, C or D. It is not a vowel and it does not appear in the word CURDLE.

a) A, b) B, c) C, d) D 6. Three brushes and two pots of paint cost pounds 9. One brush and one pot cost pounds 4. How much is a pot of paint?

a) pounds 2, b) pounds 3, c) pounds 3.50, d) pounds 4 7. In Spogolia the currency is the boggle. 7 grumbeks make one boggle. I buy a cup of yak milk at 5 grumbeks, a hat for 2 boggles 4 grumbeks and pay with a 5 boggle note. How much change do I get?

a) 1 boggle 5 grumbeks, b) 1 boggle 3 grumbeks, c) 2 boggles 1 grumbek, d) 6 grumbeks 8. Fish are often found in ponds. Harry is a fish. Dave is found in a pond. Which one of the following MUST be true?

a) Harry and Dave are both fish,b) Dave is a fish, c) Harry may or may not be in a pond, d) Dave is not a fish9. Rearrange these letters and find the related word: SAGLESS a) Horses, b) Cups, c) Banana, d) Lawn10. Dog is to poodle as book is to: a) Theatre, b) Words, c) Biography, d) Paper(The rearranged word is glasses); 10c.

related word is fork); 5b; 6b; 7a; 8c; 9b rearranged word is spoon, so the ANSWERS: 1a; 2b; 3c; 4d (The
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Date:May 16, 2004
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