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The Board of Directors met June 4, 2008.


The Board meeting preceded a focus group on Draft Medication Standards and the Association's 92nd Annual General Meeting hosted at the Crowne Plaza--Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hotel on Thursday June 5, 2008.

Strategic Ends

The Board reviewed strategic ends and confirmed the Association's Vision, Mission and Board Ends / Goals. The Board approved amendments to the end / goal Influencing Healthy Public Policy which will be expanded to include the Social Determinants of Health.

Executive Committee Appointments

The Board nominated two Region Directors and one Public Director to its Executive Committee for a one-year term, effective September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009 and are as follows:

* Ruth Alexander, Region 2 Director

* Rose-Marie Chiasson-Goupil, Region 6 Director

* Robert Stewart, Public Director

Public Director Appointments

The Board of Directors is composed of 12 members, 3 of whom are members of the public. The role of the public directors is to provide the Board with a public, non-nursing, consumer perspective on issues as they relate to nursing and health care in New Brunswick.

The terms of two public directors, Camille Breau (resigned December 2007) and Carole Dilworth expired August 31, 2008. Two of the public director positions on the Board are appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council and one is appointed by the Minister of Health from a list of candidates submitted by the NANB. The appointments are for two year terms.

Board members approved the following four nominees to be submitted to the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council, two of which to be appointed to Board effective September 1, 2008:

* Brian Thompson, St-Stephen

* Aline Saintonge, Fredericton

* Jacques Paul Couturier, Edmundston

* Robert Theriault, St-Isidore

CNA Biennium / Centennial Celebration

The CNA Biennium was held in Ottawa from June 16 to 18, 2008 celebrating CNA's Centennial year. NANB voting delegates for the CNA Biennium included:

* Monique Cormier-Daigle

* Linda LeBlanc

* Martha Vickers

* Margaret Corrigan

* Cheryl Drisdelle

* Rose-Marie Chiasson-Goupil

* Ruth Riordon

* Roxanne Tarjan

In addition, both Virgil Guitard and Odette Comeau Lavoie, NANB staff acted as scrutineers for the Business Session of the Biennium.

NANB Committee Appointments

The Board approved the following appointments to NANB Committees:

Education Committee:

* Kimberly Greechan, RN (new)

* Nathalie LeBlanc, RN (new)

* Nancy Logue, RN (re-appointment)

Complaints Committee:

* Monique Ouellette, RN (re-appointment)

* Jacqueline Gordon, RN (new)

* Tanya Jenkins, RN (re-appointment)

* Edith Tribe, Public Member (new)

* Nancy Sheehan, RN (re-appointment)

* Jeannita Sonier, Public Member (re-appointment)

* Chantal Saumure, RN (re-appointment)

Resolutions Committee (2008-2010) from the Restigouche Chapter are:

* Linda Bernatchez, RN

* Nicole Robichaud, RN

* Renee Valdron, RN

The Nursing Education Advisory Committee proposed three candidates to serve on the University of New Brunswick School of Nursing Approval team:

* Dr. Linda Ferguson, University of Saskatchewan, Team Leader

* Dr. Kim Critchley, University of Prince Edward Island

* Dr. Barbara Downe-Wamboldt, Dalhousie University

Discipline / Review Committee:

* Luc Drisdelle, RN (re-appointment)

* June Kerry, RN (new)

* Trevor Fotheringham, RN (re-appointment)

* Jacqueline Savoie, RN (new)

* Sandra Mark, RN (re-appointment)

* Mary McAllister, RN (new)

* Florence Thibodeau, RN (re-appointment)

* Denis Morisset, Public Member, (re-appointment)

* Heather Bursey, RN (re-appointment)

* Charles Flewelling, Public Member (re-appointment)

* Terry-Lynne King, RN (new)

* Albert Martin, Public Member (new)

* Nancy Arseneau, RN (new)

CNA Documents Endorsed

Two CNA documents were approved by the Board for endorsement. Documents are available for download on the NANB web site (

* CNA Code of Ethics

* Advanced Nursing Practice: A National Framework

Nurses Week Poster Competition Winners

Over 50 members submitted images for the Nurses Week Poster Competition. Images were published in the 2008 Nursing Week Poster which was distributed across the province. Results of the competition were as follows:

* Chantale Allain, Moncton--Grand Prize Winner

* Phyllis Murray, Moncton

* Pierrette Mallet, Caraquet

* Anne Marie Creamer, Saint John

* Joanne Henderson, Fredericton

* Mario Gallant, Val D'Amours

* Kathy Reviczky, Moncton

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all members who contributed to this successful initiative.

Monitoring Ends

The Board approved monitoring reports for both the Executive Limitations and Governance Process Policies.

NANB Membership Statistics

The Board received finalized 2006 and preliminary 2007 registration data. Statistics are available in the 2007 Annual Report, as well as on the NANB web site (

A modest one per cent growth was seen overall. The impact of the aging workforce is evident with an additional one per cent increase in members 55+ years of age. (1474-18% of total membership, up from 1221-15% in 2005, and 1346-17% in 2006.)

Linkages with Stakeholders

The Board of Directors participated in a focus group regarding Draft Medication Standards on Thursday June 5, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel.

Additional participants included Chapter Presidents, nursing education programs, RHAs and nursing homes. An engaged group of 40 registered nurses from around the province provided positive and constructive feedback for the further development of the document. Participants agreed that the document was timely and will help support RN practice.

The Board was advised of the schedule for the 2008 series of Professional Practice Forums. Forums are held every two years to enhance linkages with members.

92nd Annual General Meeting

The 92nd Annual General Meeting occurred on Thursday June 5, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel in Fredericton. A total of 41 registered members were in attendance. An overview of the Auditor's Report and highlights of activities current and future were presented.

For interested members, the 2007 Annual Report including the 2007 Auditor's Report is available on the NANB web site (

2008 Elections

Elections were held for the following Region Director positions--Regions 1, 3, 5 & 7. Ballots were distributed to members in Region 3 only.

A total of 470 ballots were returned representing over 30 per cent of registered members from this region. The change to mail ballots for the election of region directors continues to increase member involvement in the selection of their representatives to the Board of Directors.

Region 1 Director: Mariette Duke (elected by acclamation)

Region 3 Director: Darline Cogswell & Lillian Warne--Darline Cogswell (elected)

Region 5 Director: Margaret Corrigan (elected by acclamation)

Region 7 Director: Deborah Walls (elected by acclamation)

Next Board

The October Board of Directors meeting will be held at the NANB Headquarters on October 15, 16 and 17, 2008.
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