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The Board Game Family.

Dix, Ellie

The Board Game Family

Crown House Publishing, 2019, pp208, [pounds sterling]12.99 978 1 78583 433 2

Ellie Dix, a board game fanatic, has written this guide for parents that want to spend more quality time with their children away from technology. She begins by explaining the benefits of board games, from improving memory and reducing stress to being able to reuse games over and over again. She then leads the readers through some of the challenges of modern parenting, from reliance on phones to lack of communication, and how board games may be a way of improving some of those parenting woes. Then begins a step by step guide to the process of becoming a board games family, from reorganising your current games collection, to choosing games, setting house rules, and overcoming 'obstacles to victory'.

Ellie's enthusiasm shines through in her writing and the personal stories peppered throughout provide great examples of how families can become a board game family. This book might be useful if you are planning a board game club and would be fantastic to recommend to parents that are struggling to spend quality technology free time with their children.

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Author:Kindregan, Emily
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Date:Dec 22, 2019
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