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The Bloomsbury group.


The Bloomsbury district is a "neighborhood" a short distance from the British Museum where the Stephen children--Vanessa, Virginia, and their brothers--made their home following the death of their father. The house at 46 Gordon Square became the gathering place of a group of writers who were all personal friends. After Virginia married Leonard Woolf, the group met in or around the couple's home in Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury.

Hogarth Press

In 1917 Leonard and Virginia Woolf started, as a hobby, the Hogarth Press, an amateur publishing business in which they did everything, including the printing. The press was so successful that it eventually became a regular publishing business. It took so much of Virginia's time to help manage the company that she retired from it. John Lehmann came in as Leonard's partner.

The first publication of the Hogarth Press was Two Stories by L. and V. Woolf. In 1918 they published Poems by their friend T. S. Eliot and Prelude by Katherine Mansfield, who was then unknown. In 1920 Hogarth published E. M. Forster's The Story of the Siren. Their policy was to publish "the best and the most original." They favored obscure young authors--who, however, did not remain obscure very long. Virginia Woolf's older sister, Vanessa, a painter who had married Clive Bell, illustrated and designed the distinctive dust jackets of Hogarth Press books.

The Reform Act of 1918 and the "Flapper Vote"

The Reform Act of 1918 gave voting rights to women over the age of thirty who fulfilled certain occupancy qualifications. The enfranchisement was given largely in recognition of women's contributions to the war effort. However, the reform could not have been won without the long campaign by the women's suffrage movement.

The 1928 Equal Franchise Act, known as the "Flapper Vote," reduced the voting age for women to twenty-one and established the same residence qualifications for women as for men.

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