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The Blanchard Brothers Film Company.

The Blanchard Brothers Film Company

R. D. Snowcroft

Hampshire House Publishing Co.

8 Nonotuck Street, Florence, Mass 01062

0963681478 $21.95 413-584-1706

Former college instructor and journalist R. D.. Snowcroft presents The Blanchard Brothers Film Company, a novel set at the beginning of the twentieth century--when motion pictures were just beginning to spread as a form of popular entertainment in the nickelodeons frequented by the lower classes, while the upper classes watched theater and the middle classes attended vaudeville. In these times fraught with potential, the hub of motion pictures in America was on the East Cost, not the West; The Blanchard Brothers Film Company is a tale of two brothers whose vibrant studio flourished and faded. One brother was destined for fame and greatness in Hollywood; the other would fall into obscurity. The dynamics of the dog-eat-dog world of popular cinema, even in its infancy, make for a page-turning read steeped in the senses of yesteryear.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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