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The Bismarck is still sinking.

This elderly grocer sat smoking by his fourth-floor hospital window, heard the eleven PM shift change, watched an old documentary video from the adjacent nurses' station, and planned his morning dialog.

He decided to point out to the thirty-six-year-old oncologist that the Brits and the Germans now seem very friendly 60 years after the Bismarck sank, emphasizing that the British captains rescued only a few German swimmers in their uniformly unsuccessful rush to avoid torpedoes, and--speculating about that misplaced optimism, would carefully watch the doctor's face.

Staring at the empty street at four AM, he wondered if this could have been a deliberate "preparational" TV projection to this unique ward, where many patients have been oncologically torpedoed.

The energetic physician looked carefully into the patient's eyes while listening to the morbid details of drowning sailors, spent fifty milliseconds deciding to re-censure the nursing station's videos, sat on the foot of the bed, and precisely pointed out, once more, that "our universal entropic degradation to uniformity certainly does not appear to be changing."

Edward V. Spudis, MD

1215 Yorkshire Rd.

Winston-Salem, NC 27106
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Publication:Southern Medical Journal
Article Type:Short Story
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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