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Articles from The Birmingham Post (England) (May 20, 2000)

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'Public school' Commons forces Blair Babe to quit. 572
4,000-mile flight to save boy. 223
Actress Seagrove reveals why she tackled vandals. 374
Airport shopping; TRAVEL. 1390
Amorous pensioners outlasting youngsters in love-making stakes. 301
Annie's Kitchen. 622
Anti-icons hate again; Simon Evans looks at the background to a new film about the infamous Sex Pistols. Evans, Simon 816
Antiques: A love of the bizarre; Richard Edmonds looks at jewelled insects. Edmonds, Richard 846
Antiques: Expect thousands at top stamp show. Hawkes, Harry 745
ART OF GLASS; Legends in Glass has just opened at Broadfield House Glass Museum in Kingswinford. Richard Edmonds was dazzled by what he saw. Edmonds, Richard 1821
Aspirants prepare to play and play again; Ged Scott studies the never-ending dream that is the First Division race. Scott, Ged 815
Asylum protesters force Hague to run for shelter. Tahir, Tariq; Shoesmith, Ian 546
B-Division Warwickshire looking for A-class effort. 108
Bath desperate to pull plug on Tigers' party; RUGBY UNION. Baldock, Andrew 329
Big money and big ideas; Soirees take on a new meaning. Walker, Sophie 732 woe spooks market. 361
Books: Affairs of the heart in rhyme and reason. Edmonds, Richard 471
Books: An ocean-going epic to create dark waves in the soul. Barker, Christine 422
Books: Behind the queenly facade; Elizabeth. By David Starkey (Chatto & Windus, pounds 20). Reviewed by Karen Pagett. Pagett, Karen 1134
Books: Just Browsing. 849
Books: Practical problems for Noah in flood tales; Alison Davison reviews some of the best newly published children's books. Davison, Alison 841
Books: Setting sail for a little emancipation. Barker, Christine 369
Books: The art of cricket and the meaning of life. Hill, Charlie 569
Books: Words never failed this musical star. Edmonds, Richard 888
Brave Mardon stuck out on Hawthorns limb. Ward, Michael 526
Britons accused of Ecstasy dealing in Cyprus. 149
BT and Vodafone are popular stock. 183
Business Diary: Welcome to a versatile visitor from Madras flower. Bright, John 730
Business View: Flat feeling as Bass set to abandon the region. Duckers, John 750
Business Week. 1610
California nuggets or a case of fool's gold? Olster, Marjorie 754
Call to ban England soccer fans rejected. Kwatra, Anjali 493
Car crime is just not cricket. 103
Care order plan for animals. 160
Cashing in on refunds. 138
CD Reviews: CLASSICAL CDS. Morley, Christopher 298
Cherie Blair in new visit to hospital. Warburton, Richard 303
Chess. 1190
Children to get better protection in shake-up. 363
China closer to joining WTO after signing EU trade deal. 121
Cinema reviews: NEW THIS WEEK. 1699
CJD victim's mother may be guinea pig to help research. 274
Clarkson ponders League comeback with Harriers. 361
Club Guide. 1629
Coalition wins Big Five agreement on laying down nuclear weapons. 420
Consultancy boosts team. Williams, Philip 304
Couch potatoes who spend as much time watching the television as working. 512
Crime-fight boost as tip-offs soar. 262
Cup drama puts Reds on alert for title challenge; INTERLINK EXPRESS ALLIANCE. 706
Cup fever grips city; That was the year Villa odds - Page 32 FA Cup reports. Thorne, Alun 719
Demystifying investment. 186
Denmark stumble at final hurdle as Indonesian nerve holds; BADMINTON. 221
Derby Beat beckons fit-again Hollow. 418
Dip in mortgage lending points to end of boom. 640
Displaced Solihull take legal approach; CLUB CRICKET. Halford, Brian 316
Dowling's Solihull future left in doubt; DR MARTENS LEAGUE. 637
Down Your Way: Where King Arthur still speaks; Follies, breathtaking views and wonderful gardens can all be seen at a little known park, says Ross Reyburn. Reyburn, Ross 1284
DRAMA BY NUMBERS; Forget boy meets girl or family sitcoms, today's television audiences are demanding group-based shows says Olivia Convey. Convey, Olivia 809
Dunning holds world in hands; TABLE TENNIS. Stoner, Colin 353
E-mail alert as Love Bug-style virus paralyses computers. 235
Elmes sets new goal for hitting Bulls' eye; NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE. Non-League, Colin Stoner 432
End uncertainty, says Stockley. Stoner, Colin 313
England debut caps Adie's dream year. 450
Eritrea demonstrators in Whitehall clash. 111
Euro would pull rug from under firms' feet. 670
Extreme sports shutdown. 93
Farmers save 'Hitler' from jail. 333
Father arrives for funeral of Elephant crush victim daughter. 93
Female pastors ban row. 144
Fijian gunmen grab power and hold premier hostage. 252
Final nod for BP deal. 128
Flood of water-saving tips to trickle your fancy. 308
Food & drink: Just keep on trucklin' Alison Jones talks to the big cheeses behind the award-winning products from the Staffordshire Cheese Company. Jones, Alison 970
Football FA Cup Final: A striking success; Rob Bishop on the one-time central defender who has defied the odds to lead Aston Villa's forward line at Wembley today. I always felt Dion had the ability to score at any level. John Beck. Bishop, Rob 864
Football FA Cup Final: Big bonus ball fuels interest for Ellis; Football Correspondent Rob Bishop looks into the chairman's giant pot of incentives for Wembley final winners. Bishop, Rob 577
Football FA Cup Final: Boateng: Football was my escape. Bishop, Rob 484
Football FA Cup Final: Cool Barry up there in the Edwards class; Villa's wonder-kid has inspired comparisons with the very best, says Ged Scott. Scott, Ged 707
Football FA Cup Final: Defiant Vialli still angling for modicum of respect; Chelsea's boss is still bemoaning the lack of neutrality in the nation. Ged Scott reports. Chelsea's boss is still bemoaning the lack of neutrality in the nation. Ged Scott reports. Scott, Ged 889
Football FA Cup Final: Hendrie waiting for happy final scene. Bishop, Rob 455
Football FA Cup Final: Penalty villain Southgate will be spot-on this time; Andy Townsend tells Rob Bishop why this can be Aston Villa's Wembley day to remember. Bishop, Rob 557
Football FA Cup Final: The Aston Villa squad. 939
Football FA Cup Final: The Chelsea squad. 987
Football FA Cup Final: Ugo's there for some goal action. 309
Football FA Cup Final: Villa's good omen from referee Poll. 102
Ford chief in trackside visit to Land Rover. 306
Forget your stiff upper lip in the battle against depression. Westcott, Sarah 979
Foundry workers jailed for sex attack on colleague. 771
Fowler's Irish chance on road to Euro finals. 284
Gardening Club: Animal quackers bring a grin to your garden. Surridge, Peter 439
Gardening Diary. 694
Gardening: Shining new light on a Tudor garden; Ross Reyburn visits one of Warwick's most famous gardens where old-fashioned plants are being used in a modern form. Reyburn, Ross 768
Gardening: Tasty things happening in the borders; Even the smallest plot can provide you with something for supper, says Roger Clarke. Clarke, Roger 1231
Ged Scott's sporting week: Blues' embarrassment spares us a musical nightmare. Scott, Ged 1168
Good odds if Gareth is on the spot. Pain, Steve 332
Hampden comes out fighting; Football stadium to stage Tyson fight. Woods, Mark 558
Hank Marvin: MUSIC. 1131
Head teachers see Schools Minister about Ofsted. 719
Hearse driver in pram death crash may have taken ill. 135
Heineken favourite as Bass battle hots up. 104
Hendrie relief in tying up Lambs squad. 488
Here comes the summer sun; But sunshine can bring calamity as we take to outdoor living. Mel Hunter warns of the dangers. Hunter, Mel 1122
Hiatt Hardware changes hands. 173
Hick forcing selectors' hand; Gutsy 50 highlight of Friday shambles. Cricket, Jack Bannister 1095
High cost of buying car abroad; Nasty surprise coming from tax man. 990
Hirst pays over copyright. 181
Holiday thefts can Costa packet. Economics, Nevill Boyd Maunsell 616
Honeymooners flock to sugar cane island; The paradise island of Mauritius is soaring in popularity as a holiday resort. Peter Willoughby discovers the reason why. Willoughby, Peter 1026
Housing pressure cooker bubbles on. 1005
I murdered Isabel on train; Student's killing is confessed in prison. Bruce, Helen 851
If you go down to the shops today. . .; They come in all shapes, ages and sizes - both the bears in the Teddy Bear Shop and the customers who buy them. Alison Jones reports. Jones, Alison 1101
IMI chief predicts further progress. 266
Impressive first 100 in five years Ostler left to reign on dead day; x. Halford, Brian 678
Interview: Piers Sanderson: The rebel with a cause. Dodd, Ros 1978
Jewels of nature under threat. Murray, Kieran 855
Just reward for a great club. 446
Just The Job: How to keep the workers happy. Woods, Sarah 549
Landlord guilty over faulty boiler fume ordeal. 408
LDV's later AGM fuels speculation. 225
Lehmann puts talent on show. 631
Leman leads way against Khalsa. 316
Let there be (stylish) light; Jo Ind discovers the Birmingham company which is creating contemporary, elegant lighting. Ind, Jo 963
Lewis-Francis ready for big challenge. 691
Life for homeless gang who killed law student 'for fun'. Raif, Shenai 552
Lightning strike at 1,500ft; Emergency jet hit on final approach. Bruce, Helen 464
Lloyds TSB unveils its e-banking plans at last - and aims to be main in Spain. Fleming, Tom 545
Lord's best is target for in-form star. 184
Made-to-measure craft that simply cannot be hurried. 999
Mafia-type groups behind match-fixing warns MacLaurin. Cricket, Myles Hodgson 451
Magna sum of its parts. 131
Marconi on a high with net gold rush. Williams, Philip 469
Marketing ploy author would have liked. 673
Massive pensions pay-out doubtful. 374
McGrath pays for Worcester; At Hove (second day): Worcestershire (89-2) trail Sussex (258) by 169 runs with eight first-innings wickets in hand. 507
Memorable night from Philadelphians; POST REVIEWS. Morley, Christopher 257
Midlands archive: Graveyard full of curiosity; Fiction and fact collide at the reputed resting place of Little Nell at St Bartholomew's church in the Shropshire village of Tong. Chris Upton and Ross Reyburn, below, have a Dickens of a job separating one from the other. Upton, Chris; Reyburn, Ross 888
Mother and son fight for life after chip pan fire. 170
Motor Racing: Button launches battle for drive with fastest time; FORMULA ONE. Gordon, Ian 786
MPs attack pollution watchdog leadership. 585
Mrs Beeton still appeals today; Move over, Delia, Mrs Beeton was the first and the best. And she told us how to boil an egg to perfection, says Alison Davison. Davison, Alison 968
Nappy times ahead with law office staff expecting six bundles of joy. 367
New perspective on reshuffle for BBC's ousted Oakley. 477
New-tech companies have stormy passage on sea of red. 272
Nursery owner is cleared of cruelty. Coleman, Cathy 407
Obituary: Judge with wonderful sense of humour; OBITUARY. 236
Padraig stuck in sands of time; Royal & Ancient rules score foolish own goal. Scott, Ged 996
Page 3 creator Lamb dies. 89
Paisley under fire over attack on 'repugnant' Trimble. 251
Park scuffle brings five police vehicles to Cherise's door; x. 341
Payroll pennies a painless way to give. 364
Penalty point plea saves ban. 175
Pencil-pushing pace hampers Albania's economic progress. Spahia, Linda 592
Phil Cool: PICK OF THE WEEK. 302
Phillips will wheel and deal at Boro. 341
Pill restrictions lifted. 145
Pires flies in on wing and Highbury hope. 299
Pitmen track former Saddlers star with dual role in mind. 366
Point proven for Kuerten. 457
Point scoring already begun. Wilson, David 733
Police arrest Madonna's beau over fan assault. 499
Police quiz athlete's boyfriend over attack. Bruce, Helen 458
Post Script. 104
Pound threat to Nissan jobs; Sunderland may lose Micra to low-cost Spain. Duckers, John 777
pounds 1m pay-out for injuries. 111
Price is tight for e-finance buyers. 585
Prince 'to be quizzed on GM views by Commons'. Crofts, Rachael; Brown, Amanda 284
Property: Under the hammer, over the reserve; A recent auction of homes and land saw properties going for well over their reserve price, says Property Correspondent Marsya Lennox. Lennox, Marsya 496
Pru's car insurance service goes on-line. 197
Put your shirt on England; COMPETITION. 278
Rambling: Blues at the end of the way. Shurey, Richard 690
Rigby buys pounds 2m stake in Compel. 168
Rising Seraphina set to pass Nottingham tester; By VERITAS Racing Correspondent. 473
Risks of restricting right to trial by jury. 312
Royal Marines wade in to help; Trial beach landing to test readiness of troops. Cordon, Gavin 629
Royals tie knot with fast-rising Brookvale; DR MARTENS LEAGUE. Non-League, Colin Stoner 603
Save pounds 152 a year on those household bills. 206
Scuba for everyone. 192
Shafiq gets big chance; MINOR COUNTIES. 115
Share-out to help treasure pleasure. Education, Jonathan Walker 441
Shop around for holiday cover. Axon, Peter 758
Skills programme 'flawed'. 90
Students say crime could pay cost of courses; Business Staff. Pain, Steve 494
Suspended jail for five in pounds 1.2m college fraud bid. Mccarthy, Ross 514
Tax-cheat leader forced to quit in latest scandal. 328
That was the year - 1957; Last time round Aston Villa made Birmingham proud and, as Samantha Lyster reports, there was much celebration in the city. Lyster, Samantha 675
The alien invaders. Brown, Jackie 844
The mother of all inventions. Pattinson, Georgina 961
The pound strangles heavy industry; Ros Dodd talks to three Midland businessman about the effects of the strong pound on their firms and whether the euro would benefit or hinder them. Dodd, Ros 756
These boots are made for bowling; SATURDAY INTERVIEW: The world's fastest bowlers are Shoaib Akhtar, Allan Donald, Shaun Pollock, Richard Hadlee are among the quickest bowlers in the world. Men with thousands of top-level wickets, not to mention more than a few 'retired hurts' to their names. All lean, mean bowling machines. One man - Ian Mason (right) - is keeping them up to speed. Brian Halford explains. Halford, Brian 1037
Three in final battle to be Sir Norman's successor. 564
Tiger draws praise from; GOLF. Garrod, Mark 834
Tim Roberts: Taking advantage of Midlands; SATURDAY PROFILE Man with job of selling region to the world. Hunter, Mel 1160
Torched man claim: three bailed. 170
UK businesses are less competitive outside the euro. 466
US abduction fear over ill grandmother. 269
Victory for school that took on the bureaucrats. Education, Jonathan Walker 502
Vision for future of European harmony. Beattie, Jason 683
Warrants out for killer fireworks bosses. 226
Why asylum seekers deserve our sympathy. 1648
Wickes looks to rescuer. 278
Wildlife park link-up plan. 93
Woman held over 'head-butt'. 114
Woodfield's monster haul breaks record. Worth, Norman 573
Youngest serial rapist sentenced to life for brutal and merciless attacks. Jankiewicz, Adam 791

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