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Articles from The Birmingham Post (England) (January 27, 1999)

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28 hours in casualty lands City bad diagnosis. 362
Amateur theatre love affair led to wife's murder. Breslin, Maria 471
Amateur theatre: Private Godfrey's ghostly past. 784
Archbishop arrested. 140
Arts: Pastoral pleasures; Arnold Ronnie Scott's, Broad Street. Kirkland, Oliver 211
Arts: Sex and the single woman, U S style; Sex And The City portrays the secret life of New York, "the city that never sleeps alone", in American TV's first truly candid comedy-drama. Graham Keal sees, and hears, just what we're in for when it starts on Channel 4. Keal, Graham 798
Athletics: Cheats losing their case for compassion; The only realistic deterrent is a blanket first-offence ban, says Frank Malley. Malley, Frank 463
Athletics: Drug tests positively fail to uphold sporting spirit; The system is still open to abuse by the glory-hunter, says Athletics Correspondent Michael Ward . Ward, Michael 605
Athletics: Drugs row turns sport's new image negative. 746
Athletics: Wily old fox Christie can show his sprint stable clean pair of heels. 452
Attack on Catholic marriage ban. 205
Body Shop shake-up to focus on retailing. 344
Bridge Cross in hands of receivers. 200
British couple jailed for pounds 45m investment scam. 338
British troops `may be sent to Kosovo'. 327
Briton dies on ski slope. 176
Business Travel: Grounds for a relaxing break; Finola Lynch discovers a city centre hotel offering executive comforts combined with a country house backdrop. Lynch, Finola 503
Business Travel: Repackaging the heart and soul of old Chinatown. 696
City View: Industry defeats its own argument. Maunsell, Nevill Boyd 502
Comment: At last m'luds pick a fight that is right; The Lords have made a wise choice on the battleground for their latest fight with the Government, says Chris Gray. Gray, Chris 927
Comment: Forget the greed now graft is good; There's more to life than money, Tony Blair would have Britain believe. A society geared towards the pursuit of profit may not be easily convinced, suggests Chief Feature Writer Jason Beattie . Beattie, Jason 1037
Cricket: Australia's Day after Hick is left stranded. FIELD, From DAVID 624
Cricket: Stalemate for Under-19s. 116
Cricket: Windows opens up and cheers tourists. 301
Cut-out clue to Britain's most wanted robber; Do you recognise this man? WPc Rachel Martin with a cardboard cut-out of the suspect. 410
Cut-price lotion for pupils; Pupils put in the shade. 107
Dura moves in to swallow up Adwest. 389
Earthquake horror death toll climbs to 2,000. 439
Electricity prices take 23pc plunge. 220
Enterprise talks business over possible inn deal. 415
Evans can speak out. 194
Families fly in with experts for trial of Yemen terror suspects. 380
Family sues over cell death. 87
FII hit by pounds 7m loss of orders from M&S. 199
Football: Black Country boys hold national Trophy hopes. 234
Football: Cottee double sets up Leicester; Sunderland 1 Leicester City 2. 252
Football: Discipline no worry for Smith. 561
Football: Villa hot on heels of pounds 10m Juninho. 605
Football: Wolves banking on mutual benefits if Ferguson departs. 396
Ford confirms Easter shutdown at plant. 266
G8 summit helps boost Thistle group. 310
Gay Caine denies having sex with boy. 233
Getting tough on domestic violence. Stuart, Gisela 611
Golf: Woosnam impressed by red-hot Duval's 59. GARROD, From MARK 289
Home prices heading for boom in the Millennium. 584
Insider: Financially, Aston Villa perform like champions of the Premier League. 779
Instant groom has son - ex-girlfriend; Father of five-year-old is branded a disgrace. 634
Late surge on vote register set `warning bells ringing'. Meo, Nick; Quinn, Joe 601
Leading Article: Street-fighting Conservatives. 529
Leeds & Holbeck throws out Hardern move. 173
Letter: More fears for Selly Oak. 509
Love is...not the only reason for getting married. 389
Lucas lines up pounds 4bn takeover. 474
Man died after being restrained by police. 260
Manufacturing gloom lifts as CBI calls for fresh cut. 459
Midland Digest. 643
Ministers on ice. 631
Moira Martingale's world on Wednesday No stunts from dying Knievel. 153
Moira Martingale's world on Wednesday. 120
Moira Martingale's world on Wednesday: A crazy demand to make of schools. 198
Moira Martingale's world on Wednesday: Plentiful examples of a stranger approach to wedlock. 291
Moira Martingale's world on Wednesday: The effing and blind side of sad Sir Paul. 633
Motor industry with talent and committment; James O'Brien on the region's spirit of survival amid merger rumours and cutbacks. O'Brien, James 1067
Motorists reject push to get them off roads. 173
Ms Cherie Booth speaks about the importance of education for all. 93
National Grid moves for second US utility. 263
Owl's well that ends well for blind Boris. 270
Pinochet `protected by law'. 212
PM's praise not enough to quell pay claims. 216
Post Script. 88
Post Style: 'Sunbelievable offer. 315
Post Style: Consuming passions - Perfection in the frame; Fine artisan Nicholas Aston tells Jo Ind about his passion for beautiful picture frames. Ind, Jo 973
Post Style: Eating out - Side orders. 338
Post Style: Fashion - Brand new retro. 565
Post Style: Fashion - Galliano confounds his critics; Thoughtful clothes from Briton Galliano have doubled Dior's sales, says Suzy Patterson. Patterson, Suzy 325
Post Style: Interiors - Get your teeth into new designs; Jo Ind salivates over the latest designs by the itinerant Martin Waller. Ind, Jo 405
Post Style: Interview: Stefan Buczacki - Forget the teenagers, just go out there and garden. Rice, Carole Ann 1204
Post Style: Jo Ind's diary. 405
Post Style: Office style - Breaking the bank; Do you fancy some sheer sophistication in the office? Jo Ind says there are certain times, and certain clothes, which are worth the extra outlay. Ind, Jo 225
Post Style: Office Style - Leave the staying power behind; Everyone knows that there's no such thing as a job for life any more. But how long is a good length of time to stay in your job? Jo Ind reports. Ind, Jo 920
Post Style: Profile: Professor Stefan Buczacki. 496
Post Style: Romance in Pine Lodge style. 314
Post Style: Table talk - Fat Cat can keep the bream; Mary Munford takes a trip to Solihull but decides her bistro meal was an experience in poor taste. Munford, Mary 1119
Post Style: Television - We just live in actress land, nurses are in the real world; Down to earth soap star Nicola Stephenson talks to Olivia Convey about her new role in Holby City. Convey, Olivia 846
Post Style: The sound of holiday silence; HOLIDAY PEACE & QUIET! -. 368
Post Style: The world according to... Sid Langley. 777
Post Style: What's new. 582
Posthumous triumph as Hughes wins Whitbread. 292
Prince Naseem fined for 80mph drive. 115
Racing: Round-up. 310
Racing: Round-up. 121
RC Church admits anger over school closure plan. 263
Republicans ask Senate to call Clinton and Lewinsky. 557
Review: Pastoral pleasures; Arnold Ronnie Scott's, Broad Street. Kirkland, Oliver 211
Review: Twisted sisters. 121
Review: Who cares whodunnit?; Sleuth MAC, Cannon Hill Park. Grimley, Terry 250
Rugby Union: Kingston says Tigers `cheat'. 110
Saddam vows revenge for missile; Victims' blood will not be in vain, threat. Bird, Simon 668
Shareholders demand inquiry into crashed hotel. 789
Shock at rapid-fire killers in the hands of criminals. 387
Shopkeeper fights off armed robber. 405
Shot teenager's family storm out of meeting. 264
Sikh radio pirate gets jail warning from bench. 238
Small talk: Dunking research really takes the biscuit. Goodman, Fay 531
Snooker: Welsh dragons disperse. 219
Speedway: Karlsson's chance of comeback. 151
Straw attacked over adoption call for teens. 198
Tennis: Scattered seeds leave Enqvist to make hay. 539
Tennis: Williams' hair lets her down. 333
Tests show weakness of Escort in crashes. 166
The MI5 files: Failure of the scarlet woman. 173
The MI5 files: High-ranking communists foiled war against Soviets. 277
The MI5 files: Hitler insults forced Chamberlain's hand. 337
The MI5 files: How Spanish double agent duped Germans. 436
The MI5 files: Invasion hysteria drove MI5 up the telegraph poles. 278
The MI5 files: Nazi pigeon squadron was more than just pie in sky. 584
The MI5 files: No Mata as spy beauty Hari posed little threat. 311
The MI5 files: Plot to use truth drug on Hess. 127
The rise and fall of Fownes fortunes; The strategy was simple ... a comfortable hotel well placed near major tourist draws Philip Williams investigates the affairs of a hotel group which shareholders watched going from fanfare to failure. Williams, Philip 585
Tory old guard may face axe. 305
TV appeal to help catch serial rapist. 284
US investment pays off for UCM backers. 229
What a hoot, owl's sight is saved with laser surgery. 270
Woman coach in FA victory. 83
Yorke sale helps Villa score pounds 13.8m profit. 331
Your battles go on, Pope tells US. 189

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