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The Birds of Pandemonium.

The Birds of Pandemonium

Michele Raffin

Algonquin Books

PO Box 2225, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2225

9781616201364, $24.95,

The Birds of Pandemonium: Life Among the Exotic & Endangered provides a remarkable look at the exotic birds that comprise Pandemonium Aviaries, a bird sanctuary that gathers some of the world's most amazing birds under one roof. Their stories make up a powerful, fun read that outlines bird personalities, circumstances, and how many disabled creates came to find a home at Pandemonium. Heart-warming and fun, this is an outstanding choice for any who love birds and animals, and who have read zoo stories with great affection.

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Title Annotation:The Birds of Pandemonium: Life Among the Exotic and Endangered
Publication:California Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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