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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (September 1, 2013)

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Antioxidant potential of Ulva rigida extracts: protection of HeLa cells against [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] cytotoxicity. Menzghani, Sana; Bourguiba, Ines; Hfaiedh, Imen; Amri, Mohamed Report 4386
Comparative ontogenetic changes in enzyme activity during embryonic development of calyptraeid gastropods. Collin, Rachel; Starr, Matthew J. Report 5548
Comparison of the ontogeny of hunting behavior in pharaoh cuttlefish (sepia pharaonis) and oval squid (sepioteuthis lessoniana). Sugimoto, Chikatoshi; Ikeda, Yuzuru Report 5195
Effects of non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor letrozole on sex inversion and spermatogenesis in yellow catfish Pelteobagrus fulvidraco. Shen, Zhi-Gang; Fan, Qi-Xue; Yang, Wei; Zhang, Yun-Long; Hu, Pei-Pie; Xie, Cong-Xin Report 3516
Fluid interactions that enable stealth predation by the upstream-foraging hydromedusa Craspedacusta sowerbyi. Lucas, K; Colin S.P.; Costello, J.H.; Katua, K.; Klos, E. Report 6426
Multiple colonizations lead to cryptic biodiversity in an island ecosystem: comparative phylogeography of anchialine shrimp species in the Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan. Weese, David A.; Fujita, Yoshihisa; Santos, Scott R. Report 10655
Patterns of activity expressed by juvenile horseshoe crabs. Dubofsky, E.A.; Simpson, S.D.; Chabot, Christopher C.; Watson, Winsor H. Report 4770

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