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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (December 1, 2011)

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A novel TCTP gene from the crustacean Eriocheir sinensis: possible role involving metallic [Cu.sup.2+] stress. Wang, Qun; Fang, Di-an; Wei-Wei, Li; Wang, Juan; Jiang, Hui Report 6221
Anomalous infrared taxis of an aquatic animal, the giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai (Scyphozoa, Rhizostomeae). Ohtsu, Kohzoh; Uye, Shin-ichi Report 3168
Bone-boring worms: characterizing the morphology, rate, and method of bioerosion by Osedax mucofloris (Annelida, Siboglinidae). Higgs, Nicholas D.; Glover, Adrian G.; Dahlgren, Thomas G.; Little, Crispin T.S. Report 5979
Effects of flow and temperature on growth and photophysiology of scleractinian corals in Moorea, French Polynesia. Goldenheim, William M.; Edmunds, Peter J. Report 7401
Evolutionary simplification of velar ciliation in the nonfeeding larvae of periwinkle (Littorina spp.). Hofstee, Jeanette; Pernet, Bruno Report 2733
Fine structure, histochemistry, and morphogenesis during Excystment of the Podocysts of the giant jellyfish Nemopilema Nomurai (scyphozoa, Rhizostomeae). Ikeda, Hideki; Ohtsu, Kohzoh; Uye, Shin-Ichi Report 5411
Growing pains: development of the larval nocifensive response in Drosophila. Sulkowski, Mikolaj J.; Kurosawa, Mathieu S.; Cox, Daniel N. Report 4735
Mechanical mutability in connective tissue of starfish body wall. Motokawa, Tatsuo Report 5670
Role of the sphingosine rheostat in the regulation of cnidarian - dinoflagellate symbioses. Detournay, Olivier; Weis, Virginia M. Report 4597

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