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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (April 1, 2010)

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Capture of particles by direct interception by cilia during feeding of a gastropod veliger. Romero, Melissa R.; Kelstrup, Hans C.P.; Strathmann, Richard R. Report 6721
Coloration and defense in the nudibranch gastropod Hypselodoris fontandraui. Haber, Markus; Cerfeda, Sonia; Carbone, Marianna; Calado, Goncalo; Gaspar, Helena; Neves, Ricardo; M Report 5255
Expression of usherin in the anthozoan Nematostella vectensis. Tucker, Richard P. Report 4357
How does a change in labial tooth row number affect feeding kinematics and foraging performance of a ranid tadpole (Lithobates sphenocephalus)? Venesky, Matthew D.; Wassersug, Richard J.; Parris, Matthew J. Report 5336
Morphology of the muscle articulation joint between the hooks of a flatworm (Kalyptorhynchia, Cheliplana sp.). Uyeno, Theodore A.; Kier, William M. Report 6012
Rearing and growth of the octopus Robsonella fontaniana (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) from planktonic hatchlings to benthic juveniles. Uriarte, Iker; Hernandez, Jorge; Dorner, Jessica; Paschke, Kurt; Farias, Ana; Crovetto, Enzo; Rosas, Report 5675
Telomeres and telomerase activity in scleractinian corals and Symbiodinium spp. Zielke, Sandra; Bodnar, Andrea Report 5369
Tooth use and wear in three iron-biomineralizing mollusc species. Shaw, Jeremy A.; Macey, David J.; Brooker, Lesley R.; Clode, Peta L. Report 5655
Understanding the effects of low salinity on fertilization success and early development in the sand dollar Echinarachnius parma. Allen, Jonathan D.; Pechenik, Jan A. Report 6269
Unequal and genotype-dependent expression of mitochondrial genes in larvae of the Pacific oyster: Crassostrea gigas. Curole, Jason P.; Meyer, Eli; Manahan, Donal T.; Hedgecock, Dennis Report 6920

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