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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (August 1, 2008)

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Articulated coralline algae of the genus amphiroa are highly effective natural inducers of settlement in the tropical abalone Haliotis asinina. Williams, Elizabeth A.; Craigie, Alina; Yeates, Alice; Degnan, Sandie M. Report 6190
Cyclophilin and the regulation of symbiosis in Aiptasia pallida. Perez, S.; Weis, V. Report 6366
Endonuclease activity of phenol oxidase from Musca domestica larvae. Sun, Shaoguang; Liu, Weiquan; Wang, Jigui; Yang, Shuyan; Gu, Ling; Hong, Yan; Shang, Dan; Wang, Benx Report 3515
Evolutionary and structural diversification of the larval nervous system among marine bryozoans. Santagata, Scott Report 10065
Identification of chemosensory sensilla mediating antennular flicking behavior in Panulirus argus, the Caribbean spiny lobster. Daniel, Peter C.; Fox, Michael; Mehta, Sagar Report 6730
Morphology and gene analysis of hybrids between two congeneric sea stars with different modes of development. Wakabayashi, Kaori; Komatsu, Mieko; Murakami, Manabu; Hori, Isao; Takegami, Tsutomu Report 5339
Nutritional role of two algal symbionts in the temperate sea anemone anthopleura elegantissima brandt. Bergschneider, Heather; Muller-Parker, Gisele Report 10208
Preliminary observations on the response of Chironex fleckeri (Cnidaria: cubozoa: chirodropida) to different colors of light. Gershwin, Lisa-Ann; Dawes, Peter Report 4449
Rhythms of locomotion expressed by Limulus polyphemus, the American horseshoe crab: I. Synchronization by artificial tides. Chabot, Christopher C.; Skinner, Stephen J.; Watson, Winsor H., III Report 6928
Rhythms of locomotion expressed by Limulus polyphemus, the American horseshoe crab: II. Relationship to circadian rhythms of visual sensitivity. Watson, Winsor H., III; Bedford, Lisa; Chabot, Christopher C. 5624
Science rebooted: what the trend toward online collaboration might mean for a journal like The Biological Bulletin. Olds, James L. Editorial 1452

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