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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (June 1, 2006)

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Biological Bulletin Virtual Symposium: marine invertebrate models of learning and memory. Mcphie, Donna L.; Miller, Mark W. 1673
Bryostatin enhancement of memory in Hermissenda. Kuzirian, A.M.; Epstein, H.T.; Gagliardi, C.J.; Nelson, T.J.; Sakakibara, M.; Taylor, C.; Scioletti, 8265
Comparative study of visuo-vestibular conditioning in Lymnaea stagnalis. Sakakibara, Manabu 5597
Dart symposium on learning and memory. Bearer, E.L. 463
Essential role of somatic and synaptic protein synthesis and axonal transport in long-term synapse-specific facilitation at distal sensorimotor connections in Aplysia. Guan, Xin; Clark, Gregory A. 11811
Lessons from a crab: molecular mechanisms in different memory phases of Chasmagnathus. Romano, Arturo; Locatelli, Fernando; Freudenthal, Ramiro; Merlo, Emiliano; Feld, Mariana; Ariel, Pab 5417
Long-term habituation in the marine mollusc Tritonia diomedea. Frost, William N.; Brandon, Cindy L.; Van Zyl, Carin 3742
Molecular characterization of NMDA-like receptors in Aplysia and Lymnaea: relevance to memory mechanisms. Ha, Thomas J.; Kohn, Andrea B.; Bobkova, Yelena V.; Moroz, Leonid L. 10398
Molecular mechanisms of memory storage in Aplysia. Hawkins, Robert D.; Kandel, Eric R.; Bailey, Craig H. 14339
Pavlovian conditioning in Hermissenda: a circuit analysis. Crow, Terry; Tian, Lian-Ming 4892
Signaling to the enemy? Body pattern expression and its response to external cues during hunting in the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis (Cephalopoda). Adamo, Shelley A.; Ehgoetz, Kelly; Sangster, Cheryl; Whitehorne, Ivy 6268
Squid (Loligo pealei) giant fiber system: a model for studying neurodegeneration and dementia? Grant, Philip; Zheng, Yali; Pant, Harish C. 8857
Target-specific regulation of synaptic efficacy in the feeding central pattern generator of Aplysia: potential substrates for behavioral plasticity? Diaz-Rios, Manuel; Miller, Mark W. 7506
The cellular mechanisms of learning in Aplysia: of blind men and elephants. Glanzman, David L. 7239
The octopus: a model for a comparative analysis of the evolution of learning and memory mechanisms. Hochner, Binyamin; Shomrat, Tal; Fiorito, Graziano 6890
Theodore Holmes Bullock (1915-2005). Josephson, Robert K. Biography 1047

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