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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (October 1, 2002)

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[Ca.sup.2+] effects on myosin-II-mediated contraction of pseudo-contractile rings and transport of vesicles in extracts of clam oocytes. Wollert, Torsten; DePina, Ana S.; Thompson, Reid F.; Langford, George M. 1319
[CI.sup.-] and [Glutamate.sup.-] competition for a volume-regulated anion channel. Garber, Sarah S.; Hoffman, Mary M. 1098
A metronome-like control of the calcium signal leading to nuclear envelope breakdown and mitosis in sand dollar (Echinaracnius parma) cells. Silver, Robert B.; Bartman, Marc 2463
A novel turtle retinal preparation for simultaneously measuring light-induced electrical activity and changes in metabolite levels. Twig, Gilad; Malchow, Robert Paul; Hammar, Katherine; Smith, Peter J.S.; Levy, Hanna; Perlman, Ido 1216
A three-year retrospective study of abdominal tumors in zebrafish maintained in an aquatic laboratory animal facility. Hanley, Janice; Richmond, Hazel 860
Acetylcholine mediates excitatory input to chromatophore motoneurons in the squid, Loligo pealeii. Smotherman, Michael 963
Bacterioplankton community composition in flowing waters of the Ipswich River watershed. Levine, Uri Y.; Crump, Byron C. 911
Blockade of an inward sodium current facilitates pharmacological study of hemi-gap-junctional currents in Xenopus Oocytes. Ripps, Harris 1267
Caranx latus (carangidae) chooses dock pilings to attack silverside schools: a tactic to interfere with stereotyped escape behavior of prey? Cermak, Michael J. 927
Central pathways mediating oculomotor reflexes in an elasmobranch, Scyliorhinus canicula. Graf, Werner; Gilland, Edwin; McFarlane, Matt; Knott, Laura; Baker, Robert 1294
Circadian rhythms in locomotor activity of juvenile horseshoe crabs. Borst, Douglas; Barlow, Robert 833
Clade perseverance from Mesozoic to present: a multidisciplinary approach to interpretation of pattern and process. Barnes, David K.A. 7357
Culture method for in vitro fertilization to hatching of the squid, Loligo pealeii. Crawford, Karen 1225
Cuttlefish body patterns as a behavioral assay to determine polarization perception. Grable, Melissa M.; Shashar, Nadav; Gilles, Nicole L.; Chiao, Chuan-Chin; Hanlon, Roger T. 1819
Development of the lateral eye of juvenile Limulus. Smith, K.; Ridings, C.; Dodge, F.A.; Barlow, R.B. 1063
Dissolved iron cycling in the subterranean estuary of a coastal bay: Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts. Testa, Jeremy M.; Charette, Matthew A.; Sholkovitz, Edward R.; Allen, Matt C.; Rago, Adam; Herbold, 1237
Early neurogenesis in the horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus and its implication for Arthropod Relationships. Mittmann, Beate 1001
Effects of a sensory block on calexcitin levels in the photoreceptors of Hermissenda crassicornis. Borley, Kimberly A.; Epstein, Herman T.; Kuzirian, Alan M. 1247
Effects of haying on salt-marsh surface invertebrates. Ludlam, John P.; Shull, David H.; Buchsbaum, Robert 1143
Effects of individual size on pairing in horseshoe crabs. Suggs, Dianne N.; Carmichael, Ruth H.; Grady, Sara P.; Valiela, Ivan 1389
Effects of varying salinity on phytoplankton growth in a low-salinity coastal pond under two nutrient conditions. Barron, Stacy; Weber, Carolyn; Marino, Roxanne; Davidson, Eric; Tomasky, Gabrielle; Howarth, Robert 1482
Error-driven motor learning in fish. Montgomery, John (American writer); Bodznick, David 1095
Estuarine-open-water comparison of fish community structure in eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) habitats of Cape Cod. Hunter-Thomson, Kristin; Hughes, Jeffrey; Williams, Bradley 975
Gene expression in the squid giant axon: neurotransmitter modulation of RNA transfer from periaxonal glia to the axon. Giuditta, Antonio; Eyman, Maria; Kaplan, Barry B. 952
Globular tail fragment of myosin-V displaces vesicle-associated motor and blocks vesicle transport in squid nerve cell extracts. Brown, Jeremiah R.; Peacock-Villada, Elizabeth M.; Langford, George M. 978
GTPase Rho is involved in myosin-II-mediated contraction of pseudo-contractile rings and transport of vesicles in extracts of clam oocytes. Wollert, Torsten; DePina, Ana S.; Thompson, Reid F.; Langford, George M. 910
Immunohistochemical demonstration of a lipopolysaccharide in the cell wall of a eukaryote, the Green alga, Chlorella. Armstrong, Peter B.; Armstrong, Margaret T.; Pardy, R. L.; Child, Alice; Wainwright, Norman 721
Influence of epiphytic algal coverage on fish predation rates in simulated eelgrass habitats. Williams, Bradley S.; Hughes, Jeffrey E.; Hunter-Thomson, Kristin 926
Introduction to the featured reports the MBL awards for 2002. Editorial 366
Microbial analysis of ozone disinfection in a recirculating seawater system. Hsieh, Jennifer L.; Chikarmane, Hemant M.; Smolowitz, Roxanna; Uhlinger, Kevin R.; Mebane, W.; Kuzir 1053
Molecular approaches to understanding population dynamics of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium fundyense. Du, Jane La; Erdner, Deana; Dyhrman, Sonya; Anderson, Don 857
Morphogenesis and organogenesis in the regenerating planktotrophic larvae of asteroids and echinoids. Vickery, Minako S.; Vickery, Michael C.L.; McClintock, James B. 6356
mRNAs located in squalus acanthias (spiny dogfish) oligodendrocyte processes. Pahl, Nicholas; Homsi, Sara; Morrison, Hilary G.; Gould, Robert M. 1262
Neural correlates of swimming behavior in Melibe leonina. Watson, Winsor H., III; Newcomb, James M.; Thompson, Stuart 5081
Nutrient and freshwater inputs from sewage effluent discharge alter benthic algal and infaunal communities in a tidal salt marsh creek. Twichell, Sarah; Sheldon, Sallie; Deegan, Linda; Garritt, Robert 1023
Nutrient limitation of phytoplankton growth in Vineyard Sound and Oyster Pond, Falmouth, Massachusetts. Weber, Carolyn F.; Barron, Stacy; Marino, Roxanne; Howarth, Robert W.; Tomasky, Gabrielle; Davidson, 1269
Pelagic larval duration of the Caribbean wrasse, Thalassoma bifasciatum. Philibotte, Jason 1102
Perchiorate prevents sodium channel gating and sodium protects in the squid giant axon. Landowne, David 903
Peroxisomal catalase in extrusion apparatus posterior vacuole of microsporidian spores. Weidner, Earl; Findley, Ann 598
Physiological effects of tricaine on the supramedullary/dorsal neurons of the cunner, Tautogolabrus adspersus. Arnolds, D.E.W.; Zottoli, S. J.; Adams, C.E.; Dineen, S.M.; Fevrier, S.; Guo, Y.; Pascal, A. J. 876
Preliminary evidence for interpulse interval selectivity of cells in the torus semicircularis of the oyster toadfish (Opsanus tau). Fay, Richard R.; Edds-Walton, Peggy L. 751
Rapid visualization of microtubules in blood cells and other cell types in marine model organisms. Lee, K-G.; Braun, A.; Chaikhoutdinov, I.; DeNobile, J.; Conrad, M.; Cohen, W. 1172
Reconstruction of historical land cover in the Ipswich watershed. Huffaker, Diana; Pontius, R. Gil 892
Relative strengths of competition for space and food in a sessile filter feeder. Lohse, David P. 5136
Response of shrimp populations to land-derived nitrogen in Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts. Millman, Melissa; Teichberg, Mirta; Martinetto, Paulina; Valiela, Ivan 880
SEM comparison of severed ends of giant axons isolated from squid (Loligo pealeii) and crayfish (Procambarus clarkii). Eddleman, Christopher S.; Bittner, George D.; Fishman, Harvey M. 1062
Social interaction and distribution of female zebrafish (Danio rerio) in a large aquarium. Delaney, Martha; Follet, Christopher; Ryan, Nick; Hanney, Nick; Lusk-Yablick, Jenny; Gerlach, Gabrie 820
Spermiogenesis and modified sperm morphology in the "seepworm" Methanoaricia dendrobranchiata (polychaeta: orbiniidae) from a methane seep environment in the Gulf of Mexico: implications for fertilization biology. Eckelbarger, Kevin J.; Young, Craig M. 4651
Stable isotopic evidence for changing nutritional sources of juvenile horseshoe crabs. Gaines, Emily F.; Carmichael, Ruth H.; Grady, Sara P.; Veliela, Ivan 1478
Swimming behavior of the nudibranch Melibe leonina. Lawrence, K. A.; Watson, W. H., III 5425
Tidal flushing of ammonium from intertidal salt marsh sediments: the relative importance of adsorbed ammonium. Koop-Jakobsen, Ketil; Giblin, Anne 1018
Tracking behavior of Busyconinae whelks. Rohrkasse, Sarah M.; Atema, Jelle 1131
Visual behavior of juvenile Limulus in their natural habitat and in captivity. Ridings, C.; Borst, D.; Smith, K.; Dodge, F.; Barlow, R. 1169
Zinc chelation enhances the zebrafish retinal ERG b-wave. Redenti, Stephen; Chappell, Richard L. 1431

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