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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (April 1, 2001)

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A Biologically Inspired Controller for Hexapod Walking: Simple Solutions by Exploiting Physical Properties. SCHMITZ, JOSEF; DEAN, JEFFREY; KINDERMANN, THOMAS; SCHUMM, MICHAEL; CRUSE, HOLK 3050
Development of Host- and Symbiont-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies and Confirmation of the Origin of the Symbiosome Membrane in a Cnidarian--Dinoflagellate Symbiosis. WAKEFIELD, TIMOTHY S.; KEMPF, STEPHEN C. 9955
Escape Hatches for the Clonal Offspring of Serpulid Polychaetes. PERNET, BRUNO 7593
Factors Controlling the Expansion Behavior of Favia favus (Cnidaria: Scleractinia): Effects of Light, Flow, and Planktonic Prey. LEVY, O.; MIZRAHI, L.; CHADWICK-FURMAN, N. E.; ACHITUV, Y. 5410
Fan Organs of Crayfish Enhance Chemical Information Flow. BREITHAUPT, THOMAS 2148
Hybrids of Two Closely Related Tropical Sea Urchins (Genus Echinometra): Evidence Against Postzygotic Isolating Mechanisms. RAHMAN, M. AMINUR; UEHARA, TSUJYOSHI; PEARSE, JOHN S. 7323
Increasing Sensor Flexibility Through Neuromodulation. BIRMINGHAM, J. T. 3096
Innovative Biomechanics for Directional Hearing in Small Flies. ROBERT, DANIEL 2559
Insights for Robotic Design From Studies of the Control of Abdominal Position in Crayfish. MACMILLAN, DAVID L.; PATULLO, BLAIR W. 3424
Introduction. BLAZIS, DIANA E. J.; GRASSO, FRANK W. 1647
Invertebrate-Inspired Sensory-Motor Systems and Autonomous, Olfactory-Guided Exploration. GRASSO, FRANK W. 6785
Landing Strategies in Honeybees, and Possible Applications to Autonomous Airborne Vehicles. SRINIVASAN, MANDYAM V.; ZHANG, SHAOWU; CHAHL, JAVAAN S. 2388
Limulus Vision in the Marine Environment. BARLOW, ROBERT B.; HITT, JAMES M.; DODGE, FREDERICK A. 4652
Parallel Processing and Image Analysis in the Eyes of Mantis Shrimps. CRONIN, THOMAS W.; MARSHALL, JUSTIN 4436
Plume-Tracking Robots: A New Application of Chemical Sensors. ISHIDA, HIROSHI; NAKAMOTO, TAKAMICHI; MORIIZUMI, TOYOSAKA; KIKAS, TIMO; JANATA, JIRI 3262
Sensing Scenes With Silicon. MOUNTAIN, DAVID C.; HUBBARD, ALLYN E. 4863
Sensory Architectures for Biologically Inspired Autonomous Robotics. HIGGINS, CHARLES M. 2477
Statocysts in Crabs: Short-Term Control of Locomotion and Long-Term Monitoring of Hydrostatic Pressure. FRASER, PETER J. 2522
View From the Boundary. WEBB, BARBARA 3990
Why Do Animals Have So Many Receptors? The Role of Multiple Chemosensors in Animal Perception. DERBY, CHARLES D.; STEULLET, PASCAL 4208

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