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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (June 1, 2000)

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A Morphological Study of Nonrandom Senescence in a Colonial Urochordate. LAUZON, ROBERT J.; RINKEVICH, BARUCH; PATTON, C. W.; WEISSMAN, IRVING L. 6559
Catecholamines Modulate Metamorphosis in the Opisthobranch Gastropod Phestilla sibogae. PIRES, ANTHONY; CROLL, ROGER P.; HADFIELD, MICHAEL G. 7920
Cuttlebone Morphology Limits Habitat Depth in Eleven Species of Sepia (Cephalopoda: Sepiidae). SHERRARD, KRISTIN M. 5895
Energetics of Larval Swimming and Metamorphosis in Four Species of Bugula (Bryozoa). WENDT, DEAN E. 7069
Genetic Diversity of Oceanic Island Lasaea (Mollusca: Bivalvia) Lineages Exceeds That of Continental Populations in the Northwestern Atlantic. PARK, JOONG-KI; FOIGHIL, DIARMAID O 5141
Induction of Metamorphosis in the Sea Urchin Holopneustes purpurascens by a Metabolite Complex From the Algal Host Delisea pulchra. WILLIAMSON, JANE E.; NYS, ROCKY DE; KUMAR, NARESH; CARSON, DAVID G.; STEINBERG, PETER D. 9681
Larval Development of the Tropical Deep-Sea Echinoid Aspidodiadema jacobyi: Phylogenetic Implications. YOUNG, CRAIG M.; GEORGE, SOPHIE B. 5584
Tailflick Escape Behavior in Larval and Juvenile Lobsters (Homarus americanus) and Crayfish (Cherax destructor). JACKSON, D. J.; MACMILLAN, D. L. 6757
The Calcium Dependence of Pigment Translocation in Freshwater Shrimp Red Ovarian Chromatophores. McNAMARA, JOHN C.; RIBEIRO, MARCIA R. 5271
Vestigial Ophiopluteal Structures in the Lecithotrophic Larvae of Ophionereis schayeri (Ophiuroidea). SELVAKUMARASWAMY, P.; BYRNE, M. 4182

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