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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (October 1, 1999)

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A Century of Science: The Biological Bulletin Looks Back - and Forward. Greenberg, Michael J. 1725
A Cuticular Secretion of the Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus: A Potential Anti-fouling Agent. Harrington, John M.; Armstrong, Peter B. Brief Article 911
A New Approach for Measuring Real-time Calcium Pumping and SR Function in Muscle Fibers. Rome, Lawrence C; Klimov, Andrei A.; Young, Iain S. 1547
Acoustic Behavior and Reproduction in Five Species of Corydoras Catfishes (Callichthyidae). Kaatz, Ingrid M.; Lobel, Phillip S. 1141
An Endogenous SCP-Related Peptide Modulates Ciliary Beating in the Gills of a Venerid Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria. Gainey, Louis F. Jr.; Vining, Kelly J.; Doble, Karen E.; Waldo, Jennifer M.; Candelario-Martinez, Au 10245
Antennule Use by the American Lobster, Homarus americanus, During Chemo-orientation in Three Turbulent Odor Plumes. Mjos, Katrin; Grasso, Frank; Atema, Jelle Brief Article 962
Behavior of Hemocytes in the Allorejection Reaction in Two Compound Ascidians, Botryllus scalaris and Symplegma reptans. Shirae, Maki; Hirose, Euichi; Saito, Yasunori 3609
Biosynthesis of Tyrosine O-Sulfate by Cell Proteoglycan from the Marine Sponge, Microciona prolifera. Popescu, Octavian; Interior, Rey; Misevic, Gradimir; Burger, Max M.; Kuhns, William J. 1170
Bringing the Script to Life: the Role of Muscle in Behavior. Rome, Lawrence C. 1317
Cellular Mechanisms of Hemolysis by the Protein Limulin, a Sialic-Acid-Specific Lectin From the Plasma of the American Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus. Asokan, Rengasamy; Armstrong, Peter B. 1101
Chemoreceptor Cells as Concentration Slope Detectors: Preliminary Evidence from the Lobster Nose. Zettler, Erik; Atema, Jelle Brief Article 994
Concepts in Imaging and Microscopy: Exploring Biological Structure and Function with Confocal Microscopy. Dailey, Michael; Marrs, Glen; Satz, Jakob; Waite, Marc 4254
Contact with Squid Egg Capsules Increases Agonistic Behavior in Male Squid (Loligo pealei). King, Alison J.; Adamo, Shelley A. Brief Article 1000
Courtship Sounds of the Pacific Damselfish, Abudefduf sordidus (Pomacentridae). Lobel, Phillip S. 1208
Decline of a Horseshoe Crab Population on Cape Cod. Widener, Justin; Barlow, Robert B. 1843
Development of the Larval Serotonergic Nervous System in the Sea Star Patiriella regularis as Revealed by Confocal Imaging. Chee, Francis; Byrne, Maria 4308
Dynamic Confocal Imaging of Interphase and Mitotic Microtubules in the Fission Yeast, S. pombe. Tran, P. T.; Maddox, P.; Chang, F.; Inoue, S. Brief Article 805
Dynamic Confocal Imaging of Mitochondria in Swimming Tetrahymena and of Microtubule Poleward Flux in Xenopus Extract Spindles. Maddox, Paul; Desai, Arshad; Salmon, E. D.; Mitchison, T. J.; Oogema, Karen; Kapoor, Tarun; Matsumot Brief Article 947
Effects of Alpha-bungarotoxin on Development of the Sea Urchin Arbacia punctulata. Billack, Blase; Laskin, Jeffrey D.; Gallo, Michael A.; Heck, Diane E. Brief Article 591
Effects of Green Tea Polyphenols on Lens Photooxidative Stress. Zigman, Seymour; Rafferty, Nancy S.; Rafferty, Keen A.; Lewis, Nathaniel Brief Article 737
Effects of Increased Nitrogen Loading on the Abundance of Diatoms and Dinoflagellates in Estuarine Phytoplanktonic Communities. Evgenidou, A.; Konkle, A.; D'Ambrosio, A.; Corcoran, A.; Bowen, J.; Brown, E.; Corcoran, D.; Dearhol 1392
Effects of Vanadate on Actin-dependent Vesicle Motility in Extracts of Clam Oocytes. Wollert, Torsten; DePina, Ana S.; Langford, George M. Brief Article 766
Evaluation of a Reporter Gene System Biomarker for Detecting Contamination in Tropical Marine Sediments. Kerr, Lisa M.; Lobel, Phillip, S.; Ingoglia, J. Mark 2097
Evaluation of Circadian Rhythms in the Limulus Eye. Ruta, Vanessa J.; Dodge, Frederick A.; Barlow, Robert B. 1118
Extracellular Survival of an Intracellular Parasite (Spraguea lophii, Microsporea). Weidner, Earl; Findley, Ann Brief Article 710
Fluorescence Localization of K+ Channels in the Membrane of Squid Giant Axons. Clay, John R.; Kuzirian, Alan M. 1285
Functional Morphology of Prey Ingestion by Placetron wosnessenskii Schalfeew Zoeae (Crustacea: Anomura: Lithodidae). Crain, Jennifer A. 7692
Hyaluronic Acid: A Component of the Aggregation Factor Secreted by the Marine Sponge, Microciona prolifera. Kuhns, William J.; Burger, Max M.; Turley, Eva 1185
Identification of a Hemolytic Activity in the Plasma of the Gastropod Busycon canaliculatum. Biswas, Chhanda; Armstrong, Peter B. Brief Article 785
Increased Lability of Estuarine Dissolved Organic Nitrogen From Urbanized Watersheds. Wolfe, Felisa L.; Kroeger, Kevin D.; Valiela, Ivan Brief Article 1027
Individual Recognition and Memory in Homarus americanus Male-Female Interactions. Berkey, Cristin; Atema, Jelle 1104
Influence of Marsh Flooding on the Abundance and Growth of Fundulus heteroclitus in Salt Marsh Creeks. Komarow, Sharon; Young, Talia; Deegan, Linda; Garritt, Robert Brief Article 871
Intense Concanavalin A Staining and Apoptosis of Peripheral Flagellated Cells in Larvae of the Marine Sponge Microciona prolifera: Significance in Relation to Morphogenesis. Kaltenbach, Jane C.; Kuhns, William J.; Simpson, Tracy L.; Burger, Max M. 1064
Ipswich River Nutrient Dynamics: Preliminary Assessment of a Simple Nitrogen-Processing Model. Pease, Katherine M.; Claessens, L.; Hopkins, C.; Rastetter, E.; Vallino, J.; Kilham, N 1088
Leukotriene B4 as Calcium Agonist for Nuclear Envelope Breakdown: An Enzymological Survey of Endomembranes of Mitotic Cells. Silver, Robert B.; Deming, Nicole M. 1876
Long-Term Effect of Municipal Water Use on the Water Budget of the Ipswich River Basin. Canfield, Susanah; Claessens, Luc; Hopkinson, Charles Jr.; Rastetter, Edward; Vallino, Joseph Brief Article 1003
Messenger RNAs for Kinesins and Dynein are Located in Neural Processes. Gould, Robert; Freund, Concetta; Palmer, Frank; Knapp, Pamela E.; Huang, Jeff; Morrison, Hilary; Fei 1084
Migration Forces in Dictyostelium Measured by Centrifuge DIC Microscopy. Fukui, Yoshio; Uyeda, Taro Q. P.; Kitayama, Chikako; Inoue, Shinya Brief Article 1010
Morphology of the Nervous System of the Barnacle Cypris Larva (Balanus amphitrite Darwin) Revealed by Light and Electron Microscopy. Harrison, Paul J. H.; Sandeman, David C. 6909
Origin of Insulin Receptor-Like Tyrosine Kinases in Marine Sponges. Skorokhod, Alexader; Gamulin, Vera; Gundacker, Dietmar; Kavsan, Vadim; Muller, Isabel M.; Muller, We 5061
Ovigerous-Hair Stripping Substance (OHSS) in an Estuarine Crab: Purification, Preliminary Characterization, and Appearance of the Activity in the Developing Embryos. Saigusa, Masayuki; Iwasaki, Hiroshi 7445
Photoreceptor Pigments of the Blueback Herring (Alosa aestevalis, Clupeidae) and the Atlantic Silverside (Menidia menidia, Atherinidae). Novales Flamarique, Inigo; Harosi, Ferenc I. 996
Physiological Characterization of Supramedullary/Dorsal Neurons of the Cunner, Tautogolabrus adspersus. Zottoli, S. J.; Akanki, F. R.; Hiza, N. A.; Ho-Sang, D. A. Jr.; Motta, M.; Tan, X.; Watts, K. M. Brief Article 758
Population Size and Summer Home Range of the Green Crab, Carcinus maenas, in Salt Marsh Tidal Creeks. Young, Talia; Komarow, Sharon; Deegan, Linda; Garritt, Robert 1349
Predator-prey Interactions of Juvenile Toadfish, Opsanus tau. Price, Nichole N.; Mensinger, Allen F. 806
Prophenoloxidase Is Not Activated by Microbial Signals in Limulus polyphemus. Vasse, Aimee; Child, Alice; Wainwright, Norman Brief Article 541
Rapid Jumps and Bioluminescence Elicited by Controlled Hydrodynamic Stimuli in a Mesopelagic Copepod, Pleuromamma xiphias. Hartline, D. K.; Buskey, E. J.; Lenz, P. H. 5428
Relationship of Reproductive Output in Acartia tonsa, Chlorophyll Concentration, and Land-Derived Nitrogen Loads in Estuaries of Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts. Cubbage, Andrea; Lawrence, David; Tomasky, Gabrielle; Valiela, Ivan Brief Article 903
Responses of Retinal Muller Cells to Neurotransmitter Candidates: A Comparative Survey. Malchow, Robert Paul; Ramsey, David J. 1375
Salinity Effects on Nitrogen Dynamics in Estuarine Sediment Investigated by a Plug-flux Method. Mondrup, Thomas 1166
Sharpening of Directional Auditory Input in the Descending Octaval Nucleus of the Toadfish, Opsanus tau. Fay, R. R.; Edds-Walton, P. L. Brief Article 775
Soft-sided Tanks Improve Long-term Health of Cultured Cuttlefish. Hanley, Janice S.; Shashar, Nadav; Smolowitz, Roxanna; Mebane, William; Hanlon, Roger T. 1331
Squid Axoplasm Supports the Retrograde Axonal Transport of Herpes Simplex Virus. Bearer, E. L.; Schlief, M. L.; Breakefield, X. O.; Schuback, D. E.; Reese, T. S.; LaVail J. H. 1115
Substituted Cyclodextrin as a Model for a Squid Enzyme that Hydrolyzes the Nerve Gas Soman. Hoskin, Francis, C. G.; Steeves, Diane, M.; Walker, John E. Brief Article 903
Temperature Effects on First-Year Growth of Cultured Oyster Toadfish, Opsanus tau. Tang, Kathleen Q.; Price, Nichole N.; O'Neill, Maureen D.; Mensinger, Allen F.; Hanlon, Roger T. Brief Article 1021
Temporal Correlation Between Sensor Pairs in Different Plume Positions: A Study of Concentration Information Available to the American Lobster, Homarus americanus, During Chemotaxis. Hanna, John P.; Grasso, Frank W.; Atema, Jelle 1267
The Delta-Aminolevulinate Dehydratase of Marine Vibrio alginolyticus is Resistant to Lead (Pb). Ogunseitan, O. A.; Yang, S. L.; Scheinbach, E. Brief Article 852
Threat-Sensitive Nest Defense in Domino Damselfish, Dascyllus albisella. Oliver, Steven J.; Watson, Elise 1102
Urinary Protein Concentration in Connection with Agonistic Interactions in Homarus americanus. McLaughlin, Leslie C.; Walters, Jennifer; Atema, Jelle; Wainwright, Norman Brief Article 1038

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