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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (October 1, 1998)

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A closer look at the natural substrate for a nerve-gas hydrolyzing enzyme in squid nerve. Hoskin, Francis C.G.; Walker, John E. 745
A little shell to live in: evidence that the fertilization envelope can prevent mechanically induced damage of the developing sea urchin embryo. Miyake, Katsuya; McNeil, Paul L. 862
A nematocyst release response in the sea anemone tentacle. Thorington, Glyne U.; Hessinger, David A. 6871
Alterations in cholinergic signaling modulate contraction of isolated sea urchin tube feet: potential role of nitric oxide. Billack, Blase; Laskin, Jeffrey D.; Heck, Prudence T.; Troll, Walter; Gallo, Michael A.; Heck, Diane 750
Blockade of ryanodine receptors stimulates neurite outgrowth in embryos of Spisula solidissima. Jessen-Eller, Kathryn; Steele, Marjorie; Reinisch, Carol; Spitzer, Nicholas 1173
Body polarity and mineral selectivity in the demosponge Chondrosia reniformis. Bavestrello, Giorgio; Benatti, Umberto; Calcinai, Barbara; Cattaneo-Vietti, Riccardo; Cerrano, Carlo 2306
Calcium regulatory endomembranes of the prophase mitotic apparatus of sand dollar cells contain enzyme activities that produce leukotriene B4 but not 1,4,5-inositol triphosphate. Silver, Robert B.; King, Leslie A.; Wise, Alyssa F. 1416
Characterization of oxygen and calcium fluxes from early mouse embryos and oocytes. Porterfield, D.M.; Trimarchi, J.R.; Keefe, D.L.; Smith, P.J.S. 1039
Dependence of herbivory on autotrophic nitrogen content and on net primary production across ecosystems. Griffin, Martin P.A.; Cole, Marci L.; Kroeger, Kevin D.; Cebrian, Just 870
Directional auditory responses in the descending octaval nucleus of the toadfish (Opsanus tau). Edds-Walton, P.L.; Fay, R.R. 1144
Dissolved inorganic nitrogen flux and mineralization in Waquoit Bay sediments as measured by core incubations. Kirkpatrick, John; Foreman, Ken; Valiela, Ivan 970
Distribution of setae on the Homarus americanus lateral antennular flagellum. Guenther, Carla M.; Atema, Jelle 1022
Effect of eelgrass (Zostera marina) density on the feeding efficiency of mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus). Graham, Suzanne; Davis, Jessica; Deegan, Linda; Cebrian, Just; Hughes, Jeff; Hauxwell, Jennifer 1345
Effect of larval swimming duration on growth and reproduction of Bugula neritina (Bryozoa) under field conditions. Wendt, Dean E. 5811
Effect of methyl farnesoate on late larval development and metamorphosis in the prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (Decapoda, Palaemonidae): a juvenoid-like effect? Abdu, Uri; Takac, Peter; Laufer, Hans; Sagi, Amir 4339
Effects of nitrogen loading on eelgrass seed coat abundance, C to N ratios, and delta(super 15)N in sediments of Waquoit Bay. Safran, Roselle E.; Legra, Jessica C.; Valiela, Ivan 1024
Effects of vestibular nerve lesions on orientation turning in the leopard frog, Rana pipiens. King, Jane Roche; Straka, Hans 1004
Efferent modulation of physiological properties of the Limulus lateral eye. Ruta, Vanessa J.; Dodge, Frederick A.; Barlow, Robert B. 1221
Evidence for multiple spawning by squids (Loligo pealei) in captivity. Maxwell, Michael R.; Macy, William K.; Odate, Shobu; Hanlon, Roger T. 1526
Extracellular pH gradients measured from isolated retinal cells. Malchow, Robert Paul; Verzi, Michael P.; Smith, Peter J.S. 1140
Fluorescence localization of cytoskeletal proteins in fibrin-trapped cells. Lee, Kyeng G.; Mohan, Nishal; Koroleva, Zoya; Huang, Li-Fang; Cohen, William D. 1042
Fluorometric analysis of intracellular sodium concentrations in isolated retinal horizontal cells. Andersen, Kristen A.; Malchow, Robert Paul 1128
Hyaluronic acid-receptor binding demonstrated by synthetic adhesive proteoglycan peptide constructs and by cell receptors on the marine sponge Microciona prolifera. Kuhns, William J.; Fernandez-Busquets, Xavier; Burger, Max M.; Ho, Michael; Turley, Eva 1051
Hydrodynamic coupling of lobster antennule motion to oscillatory water flow. Weaver, Matthew; Atema, Jelle 828
In vivo and in vitro growth of nerve parasite from Lophius americanus. Weidner, Earl; King, Teresa 565
Initial baseline blood chemistry of the oyster toadfish, Opsanus tau. O'Neill, Maureen D.; Wesp, Heather M.; Mensinger, Allen F.; Hanlon, Roger T. 1066
Interaction of nitrogen supply, sea level rise, and elevation on species form and composition of salt marsh plants. Rogers, Jennifer; Harris, Jennifer; Valiela, Ivan 1520
Juvenile Limulus polyphemus generate two water currents that contact one proven and one putative chemoreceptor organ. Quinn, Elizabeth; Paradise, Kristen; Atema, Jelle 987
Lead concentration as an indicator of contamination history in estuarine sediments. Legra, Jessica C.; Safran, Roselle E.; Valiela, Ivan 1274
Lead, learning, and calexcitin in Hermissenda. Kuzirian, Alan M.; Epstein, Herman T.; Nelson, Thomas J.; Rafferty, Nancy S.; Alkon, Daniel L. 1594
Lipophilic dye labeling distinguishes segregated central components of the eight cranial nerve in embryonic chicken. Kubke, M.F.; Gilland, E.; Baker, R. 965
Migratory behavior of ovigerous blue crabs Callinectes sapidus: evidence for selective tidal-stream transport. Tankersley, Richard A.; Wieber, Maria G.; Sigala, Marco A.; Kachurak, Kristen A. 3448
Modified laboratory culture techniques for the European cuttlefish Sepia officinalis. Hanley, Janice S.; Shashar, Nadav; Smolowitz, Roxanna; Bullis, Robert A.; Mebane, William M.; Gabr, 1650
Oocyte maturation in Chaetopterus pergamentaceous observed with centrifuge polarizing microscope. Goda, Makoto; Inoue, Shinya; Knudson, Robert A. 672
Planktonic feeding and evolutionary significance of the lobate body plan within the Ctenophora. Costello, John H.; Coverdale, Rebecca 1007
Population size and site fidelity of Fundulus heteroclitus in a macrotidal saltmarsh creek. Sweeney, Jennifer; Deegan, Linda; Garritt, Robert 974
Preliminary evaluation of sedimentation rates and species distribution in Plum Island Estuary, Massachusetts. Schmitt, Catherine; Weston, Nathaniel; Hopkinson, Charles 1033
Prototype rechargeable tag for acoustical neural telemetry. Mensinger, Allen F.; Deffenbaugh, Max 1084
Pseudomonas putida infections of the oyster toadfish (Opsanus tau). Smolowitz, Roxanna; Wadman, Elizabeth; Chikarmane, H.M. 937
Rhombomeric organization of brainstem motor neurons in larval frogs. Straka, Hans 939
Role of mechanosensory stimuli in intraspecific agonistic encounters of the snapping shrimp (Alpheus heterochaelis). Herberholz, Jens; Schmitz, Barbara 7653
Sampling the light-organ microenvironment of Euprymna scolopes: description of a population of host cells in association with the bacterial symbiont Vibrio fischeri. Nyholm, Spencer V.; McFall-Ngai, Margaret J. 4810
Structural strengthening of urchin skeletons by collagenous sutural ligaments. Ellers, Olaf; Johnson, Amy S.; Moberg, Philip E. 5226
Temperature-independent period immediately after fertilization in sea urchin eggs. Yamada, Katsuyuki; Mihashi, Koshin 2771
The biomechanics of odorant access to aesthetascs in the grass shrimp, Palaemonetes vulgaris. Mead, Kristina S. 1097
Transmembrane calcium flux in Pb+2-exposed Aplysia neurons. Tamse, Catherine T.; Hammar, Katherine; Porterfield, D. Marshall; Smith, Peter J.S. 1077
Transplantation of Fu/HC-incompatible zooids in Botryllus schlosseri results in chimerism. Rinkevich, Baruch; Weissman, Irving; Tomaso, Anthony W. de 5007
UV radiation blocking compounds in the eye of the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis. Shashar, Nadav; Harosi, Ferenc I.; Banaszak, Anastazia T.; Hanlon, Roger T. 1071

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