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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (June 1, 1998)

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A role for pp125FAK in suppression of apoptosis in fibroblasts. Otey, Carol A. 1974
Actin: dissecting the structural basis of its oligomerization, polymerization, and polymorphism. Steinmetz, Michel O.; Stoffler, Daniel; Aebi, Ueli 2393
Amoeboid motility without actin: insights into the molecular mechanism of locomotion using the major sperm protein (MSP) of nematodes. Stewart, Murray; Roberts, Thomas M.; Italiano, Joseph E., Jr.; King, Karen L.; Hammel, Robin; Parath 2051
Cell locomotion and focal adhesions are regulated by the mechanical properties of the substrate. Pelham, Robert J.; Wang, Yu-Li 1083
Cellular basis of mechanotransduction. Ingber, Donald E. 3942
Comparative morphology of the eyes of postlarval bresiliid shrimps from the region of hydrothermal vents. Gaten, E.; Herring, P.J.; Shelton, P.M.J.; Johnson, M.L. 6557
Cytoskeletal networks and filament bundles: regulation by proteins and polycations. Janmey, Paul A.; Kas, Josef; Shah, Jagesh V.; Allen, Philip G.; Tang, Jay X. 1743
Desmosomes: integrators of mechanical integrity in tissues. Green, Kathleen J.; Kowalczyk, Andrew P.; Bornslaeger, Elayne A.; Palka, Helena L.; Norvell, Suzanne 2076
Domain structure and transcript diversity of plectin. Wiche, Gerhard 1894
Effect of flow on gene regulation in smooth muscle cells and macromolecular transport across endothelial cell monolayers. McIntire, Larry V.; Wagner, John E.; Papadaki, Maria; Whitson, Peggy A.; Eskin, Suzanne G. 3132
Effects of hemodynamic forces on gene expression and signal transduction in endothelial cells. Chien, Shu; Shyy, John Y.J. 2499
Evolutionary implications of FGF and distal-less expressions during proximal-distal axis formation in the ampulla of a direct-developing ascidian, Molgula pacifica. Bates, William R. 1337
Exogenous retinoic acid during gastrulation induces cartilaginous and other craniofacial defects in Fundulus heteroclitus. Vandersea, Mark W.; McCarthy, Robert A.; Fleming, Paul; Smith, Denice 9460
Identification of a functional domain in laminin-5. Baker, Scott E.; Jones, Jonathan C.R. 917
Interaction of vimentin with actin and phospholipids. Shah, Jagesh V.; Wang, Louise Z.; Traub, Peter; Janmey, Paul A. 1115
Intermediate filament cytoskeletal system: dynamic and mechanical properties. Goldman, R.D.; Clement, S.; Khuon, S.; Moir, R.; Trejo-Skalli, A.; Spann, T.; Yoon, M. 1784
Luciferase of the scyphozoan medusa Periphylla periphylla. Shimomura, Osamu; Flood, Per R. 4749
Microtubules as determinants of cellular polarity. Gundersen, Gregg G.; Kreitzer, Geri; Cook, Tiffani; Liao, Guojuan 2138
Nitric oxide function in an echinoderm. Elphick, Maurice R.; Melarange, Richard 3708
Oyster shell protein and atomic force microscopy of oyster shell folia. Sikes, C.S.; Wheeler, A.P.; Wierzbicki, A.; Dillaman, R.M.; De Luca, L. 7534
Peptides controlling stiffness of connective tissue in sea cucumbers. Birenheide, R.; Tamori, M.; Motokawa, T.; Ohtani, M.; Iwakoshi, E.; Muneoka, Y.; Fujita, T.; Minakat 4260
Plectin sidearms mediate interactions of intermediate filaments with microtubules and other components of the cytoskeleton. Svitkina, Tatyana M.; Verkhovsky, Alexander B.; Borisy, Gary B. 770
Predation on bivalve veligers by polychaete larvae. Johnson, Kevin B.; Brink, Laura A. 3917
Protein-protein interactions in intermediate filament structure and anchorage to the cell surface. Meng, Jin-Jun; Bornslaeger, Elayne; Green, Kathleen J.; Ip, Wallace 2050
Response of vascular endothelial cells to fluid flow. Fujiwara, Keigi; Masuda, Michitaka; Osawa, Masaki; Katoh, Kazuo; Kano, Yumiko; Harada, Noboru; Lopes 2217
Role of ponticulin in pseudopod dynamics, cell-cell adhesion, and mechanical stability of an amoeboid membrane skeleton. Luna, Elizabeth J.; Hitt, Anne L.; Shutt, Damon; Wessels, Deborah; Soll, David; Jay, Pat; Hug, Chris 1479
Stabilization and functional modulation of microtubules by microtubule-associated protein 4. Nguyen, H.L.; Gruber, D.; McGraw, T.; Sheetz, M.P.; Bulinski, J.C. 2209
Structural-mechanical integration of keratin intermediate filaments with cell peripheral structures in the cornified epidermal keratinocyte. Steinert, Peter M. 2368
Surface tension and viscoelastic properties of embryonic tissues depend on the cytoskeleton. Forgacs, Gabor 1615
Theoretical models of viscoelasticity of actin solutions and the actin cortex. Mackintosh, F.C. 1995
Two distinct mechanisms of actin bundle formation. Tang, Jay X.; Janmey, Paul A. 857
Two-dimensional cytoskeletons under stress. Boal, David H. 1957
Type I keratin 16 forms relatively unstable tetrameric assembly subunits with various type II keratin partners: biochemical basis and functional implications. Coulombe, Pierre A.; Wawersik, Matthew; Paladini, Rudolph D.; Noensie, Erick 1577
What links laminin-5 to the keratin cytoskeleton in epithelial cells? Jones, Jonathan C.R.; Skalli, Omar; Goldman, Robert D.; Baker, Scott E. 1161

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