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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (December 1, 1998)

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A common theme for LIM homeobox gene function across phylogeny? Hobert, Oliver; Ruvkun, Gary 1893
A high-affinity hemoglobin is expressed in the notochord of amphioxus, Branchiostoma californiense. Bishop, Jamie J.; Vandergon, Thomas L.; Green, David B.; Doeller, Jeannette E.; Kraus, David W. 2516
Axial patterning in the leech: developmental mechanisms and evolutionary implications. Shankland, Marty; Bruce, Ashley E.E. 1346
Changes in cell lineage specification elucidate evolutionary relations in Spiralia. Loon, A.E. Van; Biggelaar, J.A.M. Van Den 1953
Coelomic cavities may function as a vascular system in amphioxus larvae. Stach, Thomas 1322
Consensus translational initiation sites of marine invertebrate phyla. Mankad, Raj V.; Gimelbrant, Alexander A.; McClintock, Timothy S. 1983
Cuticular photophores of two decapod crustaceans, Oplophorus spinosus and Systellaspis debilis. Nowel, M.S.; Shelton, P.M.J.; Herring, P.J. 8762
Effect of colony size, polyp size, and budding mode on egg production in colonial coral. Sakai, Kazuhiko 3619
Evolution of cleavage programs in relationship to axial specification and body plan evolution. Henry, Jonathan Q.; Martindale, Mark Q. 1946
Functional and evolutionary implications of the distribution of phosphagens in primitive-type spermatozoa. Ellington, W. Ross; Kinsey, Stephen T. 5552
Functional significance of the co-localization of taste buds and teeth in the pharyngeal jaws of the largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides. Linser, Paul J.; Carr, William E.S.; Cate, Holly S.; Derby, Charles D.; Netherton, James C., III 5216
Heterochronic genes in development and evolution. Slack, Frank; Ruvkun, Gary 823
Hox genes in arthropod development and evolution. Akam, Michael 1299
Late postembryonic development of the symbiotic light organ of Euprymna scolopes (cephalopoda: sepiolidae). Montgomery, Mary K.; McFall-Ngai, Margaret J. 4423
Mechanisms of specification in ascidian embryos. Satoh, Noriyuki 1642
Peptidergic neurons in barnacles: an immunohistochemical study using antisera raised against crustacean neuropeptides. Webster, S.G. 3454
Reproduction-associated immunoreactive peptides in the nervous systems of prosobranch gastropods. Ram, Jeffrey L.; Gallardo, Carlos S.; Ram, Michal L.; Croll, Roger P. 5858
Size-related obligate and facultative parasitism in the marine gastropod Trichotropis cancellata. Pernet, Bruno; Kohn, Alan J. 5076
Transparency and visibility of gelatinous zooplankton from the Northwestern Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Johnsen, Sonke; Widder, Edith A. 6615

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