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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (October 1, 1997)

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A hemolytic activity secreted by the endotoxin-challenged horsehoe crab: a novel immune system operating at the surface of the carapace. Quigley, James P.; Corcoran, Geralyn; Armstrong, Peter B. 886
Actin bundles in neuronal growth cone observed with the Pol-Scope. Katoh, Kaoru; Langford, George; Hammar, Katherine; Smith, Peter J.S.; Oldenbourg, Rudolf 907
Antimicrobial activity in the microbial community of the accessory nidamental gland and egg cases of Loligo pealei (Cephalopoda: Loliginidae). Barbieri, Elena; Barry, Kevin; Child, Alice; Wainwright, Norman 881
Apoptosis and tissue regression in the marine sponge Microciona prolifera. Kuhns, William J.; Ho, Michael; Burger, Max M.; Smolowitz, Roxanna 787
Apparatus for measuring steady-state ATP utilization rates of single muscle fibers. Syme, Douglas A.; Connaughton, Martin A.; Rome, Lawrence C. 1130
Aspects of lead toxicity and habituation in Hermissenda learning. Kuziriam, Alan M.; Epstein, Herman T.; Rafferty, Nancy S. 911
Bacterial pericarditis: a new disease of toadfish. Smolowitz, R.; Bullis, R. 731
Behavioral dynamics that would lead to multiple paternity within egg capsules of the squid Loligo pealei. Hanlon, Roger T.; Maxwell, Michael R.; Shashar, Nadav 1488
Binding of hyaluronic acid to cellular receptors of the marine sponge Microciona prolifera. Kuhns, William J.; Ho, Michael; Burger, Max M.; Turley, Eva 704
Biosynthetic induction of a secondary metabolite by a marine bacterium under nutritional stress: potential role of the incomplete oxidation of an organic acid. Barry, Kevin J.; Wainwright, Norman R. 996
Can the female American lobster predict the dominant male? Voss, Dan; Voigt, Rainer 951
Catecholamine-containing cells in larval and postlarval bivalve molluscs. Croll, Roger P.; Jackson, Daniel L.; Voronezhskaya, Elena E. 4329
Cell localization of lectin binding in Microciona prolifera sponge. Hudock, Kristin M.; Hafeez, Ashi; Kaltenbach, Jane C. 582
Characterization of antibodies to the head and tail domains of squid brain myosin V. Molyneaux, B.J.; Langford, G.M. 900
Chemosensory activation of an antennular grooming behavior in the spiny lobster, Panulirus argus, is tuned narrowly to L-glutamate. Barbato, John C.; Danial, Peter C. 5342
Chemosensory search behavior in the starfish Asterias forbesi. Dale, Jonathan 1009
Ciliary feeding assisted by suction from the muscular oral hood of phoronid larvae. Strathmann, R.R.; Bone, Q. 6059
Circadian rhythms in the lateral eye of the Japanese horseshoe crab. Saito, Takehiko; Yamamoto, Takasi; Powers, Maureen K.; Barlow, Robert B. 1492
Comparative settlement age of damselfish larvae (Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis, Pomacentridae) from Hawaii and Johnston Atoll. Lobel, Philip S. 1271
Comparison of a nerve gas detoxifying enzyme from squid and from Pseudomonas diminuta. Hoskin, Francis C.G.; Walker, John E. 1083
Comparison of three techniques for evaluating seasonal gametogenesis in Spisula solidissima. Schneider, P.; Smolowitz, R.; Smith, C.; Degiorgis, J.; McCafferty, M. 836
Consumption of oxygen by isolated skate retinal photoreceptors. Malchow, Robert Paul; Land, Stephen C.; Patel, Leena S.; Smith, Peter J.S. 1123
Control of periphyton on Zostera marina by the Eastern mudsnail, Ilyanassa obsoleta (Say), in a shallow temperature estuary. Kinlan, Brian; Duffy, Elisabeth; Cebrian, Just; Hauxwell, Jennifer; Valiela, Ivan 1064
Coral bleaching on Johnston Atoll, central Pacific Ocean. Cohen, Anne L.; Lobel, Phillip S.; Tomasky, Gabrielle L. 1339
Development of the motor system in the limbs of larval lobsters (Homarus americanus). Macmilln, David L. 1122
Differential leucocyte counts in the toadfish, Opsanus tau: insignificant variation with seasonal temperature. Shapiro, Leigh; Bullis, Robert A.; Smolowitz, Roxanna M.; Slavinsky, Sally 739
DNA-dependent protein phosphorylation activity in Xenopus is coupled to a Ku-like protein. Kanungo, Jyotshnabala; Cameron, Richard S.; Takeda, Yoshihiko; Hardin, John A. 2877
Do alpha-crystallins protect catalase against UV damage? Horwitz, Joseph; Zigman, Seymour 677
Do tea polyphenols protect dogfish lens (Mustelus canis) catalase against UV damage? Zigman, Seymour 794
Dynamics of GFP-coronin and Eupodia in live Dictyostelium observed with real-time confocal optics. Fukui, Yoshio; de Hostos, Eugenio L.; Inoue, Shinya 852
Effect of gossypol on Spisula sperm observed with real-time confocal microscopy, polarized light microscopy, and video microscopy. Tran, Phong T.; DePina, Ana; Inoue, Shinya; Oldenborug, Rudolph; Segal, Sheldon J.; Burgos, Mario H. 539
Effect of in vitro culture of mammalian embryos on the architecture of the zona pellucida. Silva, Celso P.; Silva, Vanessa; Kommineni, Karpura; Keefe, David 632
Effect of salinity on the fate of inorganic nitrogen in sediments of the Parker River Estuary, Massachusetts. Morlock, Summer; Taylor, David; Giblin, Anne; Hopkinson, Chuck; Tucker, Jane 1066
Effectiveness of continuous bilateral sampling for robot chemotaxis in a turbulent odor plume: implications for lobster chemo-orientation. Grasso, Frank W.; Dale, Jonathan H.; Consi, Thomas R.; Mountain, David C.; Atema, Jelle 1045
Experimental analysis of tentacle formation in the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi. Martindale, Mark Q.; Henry, Jonathan J. 1046
Far field chemo-orientation in the American lobster, Homarus americanus: effects of unilateral ablation and lesioning of the lateral antennule. Beglane, Paul F.; Grasso, Frank W.; Basil, Jennifer A.; Atema, Jelle 1084
Field verification of predictions of the Waquoit Bay Nitrogen Loading Model. Heberlig, Laura; Valiela, Ivan; Roberts, Brian J.; Soucy, Lori A. 995
Genes coding for reverse transcriptase, DNA-directed RNA polymerase, and chitin synthase from the microsporidian Spraguea lophii. Hinkle, Gregory; Morrison, Hilary G.; Sogin, Mitchell L. 1056
Growth rates and abundance of Fundulus heteroclitus in estuaries subject to different land-derived nitrogen loads in Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts. Whitman, Alison; Tober, Joanna; Valiela, Ivan 839
Histamine: putative transmitter for lateral inhibition in Limulus eye. Stewart, Karen M.; Porcello, Darrell M.; McSweeney, Maireade E.; Saito, Takehiko; Passaglia, Christo 1626
Identification of phospholipase A2 and phospholipase C activities in calcium regulatory endomembranes of sand dollar cells. Silver, Robert B.; Strongin, Daniel E.; Hurwitz, Layne R.; Reeves, Anthony P. 1594
Identification of toadfish-pathogenic bacteria based on a comparative molecular approach. Wenuganen, Supaya; Bullis, Robert; Smolowitz, Roxanna; Barbieri, Elena 910
Influence of grazing and nitrogen loading on benthic microalgal biomass in estuaries of Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts. Duffy, Elisabeth J.; Kinlan, Brian P.; Valiela, Ivan 1062
Inhibition of microtubule-dependent, minus-end directed transport of axoplasmic organelles by an antibody specific for the intermediate chain of dynein. Steffen, W.; Langford, G.M.; Weiss, D.G.; Kuznetsov, S.A. 879
Nearly optimal foraging in patches under nutrient constraints. Boyer, John F. 9851
Neurons associated with a novel motor pattern expressed during metamorphosis of the Hawkmoth, Manduca sexta. Gray, John R. 1328
Nuclear microprobe mapping of statoliths of chokka squid Loligo vulgaris reynaudii d'Orbigny, 1845. Durholtz, M.D.; Lipinski, M.R.; Przybylowicz, W.J.; Mesjasz-Przybylowicz, J. 5161
Orientation of motile unicellular algae to oxygen: oxytaxis in Euglena. Porterfield, D. Marshall 857
PCB contamination relative to age for a Pacific damselfish, Abudefduf sordidus (Pomacentridae). Kerr, L.M.; Lang, K.L.; Lobel, P.S.6 1501
Photodynamic effect of 488-nm light on eosin-B-stained Spisula sperm. Inoue, Shinya 634
Photoreceptor morphology and visual pigment content in the retina of the common white sucker (Catostomus commersoni). Flamarique, Inigo Novales; Harosi, Ferenc I. 809
Phylogenetic analysis of olfactory receptor genes from mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus). Zhou, Qiao; Hinkle, Gregory; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Dionne, Vincent E. 996
Phylogenetic analysis of the 5-aminolevulinate synthase gene. Duncan, Rachel; Faggart, Maura A.; Cornell, Neal W. 965
Physiological stress elevate hemolymph levels of methyl farnesoate in the green crab Carcinus maenas. Lovett, Donald L.; Clifford, Patrick D.; Borst, David W. 1002
Prediction of maximum allowable retinal slip speed in the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator. Layne, John E.; Wicklein, Martina; Dodge, Frederick A.; Barlow, Robert B. 1118
Proteins of morula-like cells in hemolymph of the giant clam, Tridacna derasa. Nakayama, Koji; Ishikura, Masaharu; Maruyama, Tadashi 3112
Pulsatile movement of Hermissenda. Epstein, Herman T. 855
Relationship of methyl transferase activity and methyl farnesoate levels in the spider crab, Libinia emarginata. Ogan, Jeff; Shaub, Amy; Lovett, Donald L.; Borst, David W. 1080
Release of N2 and N2O from salt-marsh sediments subject to different land-derived nitrogen loads. Lee, Rosalynn Y.; Joye, Samantha B.; Roberts, Brian J.; Valiela, Ivan 929
Righting response and escape response in Opsanus tau are temperature dependent. Ament, Seth; Bullis, Robert; Hanlon, Roger; Mensinger, Allen 797
Sexual modes in the colonial kamptozoan genus Barentsia. Wasson, Kerstin 5102
Squids (Loligo pealei and Euprymna scolopes) can exhibit polarized light patterns produced by their skin. Shashar, Nadav; Hanlon, Roger T. 1058
Statistical image analysis of spatial and temporal patterns in the pre-nuclear envelope breakdown calcium signal. Silver, Robert B.; Reeves, Anthony P. 1377
The importance of access to salt-marsh surface to short-term growth of Fundulus heteroclitus in a New England salt marsh. Javonillo, Robert 968
Tidal river riffle habitats support high diversity and abundance of Gammaridean amphipods. Chiaravalle, Katina; Hughes, Jeff; Javonillo, Robert; Deegan, Linda 833
UV cutting of MAPs-bound microtubules. Tran, Phong T.; Salmon, E.D.; Inoue, Shinya 660
Visual performance of horseshoe crabs: role of underwater lighting. Passaglia, Christopher L.; McSweeney, Maireade E.; Stewart, Karen M.; Kim, Edward; Mole, Edward J.; 1311
Zoogeographic distributions of the sibling species Mytilus galloprovincialis and M. trossulus (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) and their hybrids in the North Pacific. Suchanek, T.H.; Geller, J.B.; Kreiser, B.R.; Mitton, J.B. 4464

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