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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (August 1, 1994)

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An improved quantitative assay for chemokinesis in Tetrahymena. Koppelhus, Uffe; Hellung-Larsen, Per; Leick, Vagn 3784
Electric organ discharge and electrosensory reafference in skates. New, John G. 6263
Fertilization between closely related sea urchins is blocked by incompatibilities during sperm-egg attachment and early stages of fusion. Metz, Edward C.; Kane, Robert E.; Yanagimachi, Hiroko; Palumbi, Stephen R. 7173
Glutamate immunoreactivity in non-neuronal cells of the sea anemone Metridium senile. Anctil, Michel; Carette, Jean-Pascal 3801
Muscle and nerve terminal fine structure of a primitive crustacean, the cephalocarid Hutchinsoniella macracantha. Read, A.T.; Hessler, R.R.; Govind, C.K. 2387
Osmoregulation in Dreissena polymorpha: the importance of Na, Cl, K, and particularly Mg. Dietz, Thomas H.; Lessard, Diondi; Silverman, Harold; Lynn, John W. 4996
Oxygen consumption rates and metabolic enzyme activities of oceanic California medusae in relation to body size and habitat depth. Thuesen, Erik V.; Childress, James J. 9391
Physiological parameters affecting the chemosensory response of Tetrahymena. Koppelhus, Uffe; Hellung-Larsen, Per; Leick, Vagn 4201
Protogynous sex change in the intertidal isopod Gnorimosphaeroma oregonense (Crustacea: Isopoda). Brook, Heather J.; Rawlings, Timothy A.; Davies, Ronald W. 5243
Quantification of L-dopa and dopamine in squid ink: implications for chemoreception. Lucero, Mary T.; Farrington, Heraldo; Gilly, William F. 4725
Report of the director and chief executive officer. Burris, John E. 1618
Report of the librarian. Norton, Catherine 1438
Report of the treasurer. Manz, Robert D. 2890
Small size, brooding, and protandry in the apodid sea cucumber Leptosynapta clarki. Sewell, Mary A. 7681
The role of podial secretions in adhesion in two species of sea stars (Echinodermata). Flammang, Patrick; Demeulenaere, Stephane; Jangoux, Michel 5849

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