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The Biography Shelf.

Blackbird's Song

Michigan State University Press

1405 South Harrison Road, Suite 25

East Lansing, MI 48823-5245

9781611860504 $39.95

Blackbird's Song: Andrew J. Blackbird and the Odawa People is the true-life biography of Andrew J. Blackbird (ca. 1814-7 to 1908), who is perhaps best known for presenting a Native American perspective of his people's history in his groundbreaking book "History of the Ottawa and Chippewa People". In his writing, Blackbird chronicles how the Great Lakes people struggled to protect their land and preserve their culture, first through military conflict and then later through applying their rights as citizens. An accessible, in-depth accounting of Blackbird's life, works, and efforts to improve his people's welfare through peaceful advocacy, Blackbird's Song is highly recommended especially for public and college library biography and Native American studies shelves.

The Manliest Man

James W. Trent, Jr.

University of Massachusetts Press

PO Box 429

Amherst, MA 01004

9781558499591 $28.95

James W. Trent (professor of sociology and social work, Gordon College) presents The Manliest Man: Samuel G. Howe and the Contours of Nineteenth-Century American Reform, an accessible, reader-friendly biography of notable American reformer Samuel G. Howe. A veteran of the Greek War of Independence, a committed abolitionist, and the founder of the Perkins School for the Blind as well as the Massachusetts School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Children, Howe spoke out in favor of progressive services for disabled Americans. Extensive notes and an index enhance this thorough biography of a passionate and dedicated man, who spent his life working for a better future for America's underprivileged and downtrodden. Highly recommended, especially for public and college library collections.

Nature's Keeper

Gary Ferguson

Sweetgrass Books

c/o Farcountry Books

PO Box 5630, Helena, MT 59604

9781591520856, $14.95,

The natural world is something to be treasured. "Nature's Keeper: John Ripley Forbes and the Children's Nature Movement" tells the story of John Ripley Forbes and his push to conserve nature for the future all across the country, connecting with the poorest individuals and letting them see nature when they would otherwise wouldn't. "Nature's Keeper" is an enticing story of one man's efforts to keep environmentalism alive through decades of service, recommended.

C. C. Slaughter

David J. Murrah

University of Oklahoma Press

2800 Venture Drive

Norman, OK 73069

9780806142937, $19.95,

In Texas's early days, there were many people who established it as a place to watch in the future. "C. C. Slaughter: Rancher, Banker, Baptist" tells the story of Christopher Columbus Slaughter, who throughout the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century helped Texas flourish. He made his fortune off the cattle industry, founded colleges in the state, and always remained a man of faith. "C. C. Slaughter" is an intriguing biography of a powerful figure of nineteenth century Texas, very much recommended reading.

Kicking & Dreaming

Ann & Nancy Wilson

It Books

c/o HarperCollins Publishers

10 East 53rd Street

New York, NY 10022-5299

9780062101679, $27.99,

Heart has become embedded in American cultural history, but it wasn't an easy route. "Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll" is the autobiography of Ann and Nancy Wilson, who climbed to the top of their careers by creating a distinctly original sound and charm, and keeping their work defined by their skills instead of their breasts. Behind the scenes, both sisters faced many of the demons typical to the 70s and 80s music scenes, and many atypical, from drugs and substance abuse to simply seeking a family. "Kicking & Dreaming" is a fine addition to any musical biography collection.

Howard Zinn

Martin Duberman

The New Press

38 Green Street, 4th floor

New York, NY 10013

9781595586780, $26.95,

Sometimes to truly hate war, you have to see it first hand. "Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left" explores the life's work of Howard Zinn, a former veteran who turned harsh anti-war activist and become an icon of the American left for his no holds barred take on politics and his controversia book 'A People's History of the United States'. Martin Duberman presents an in-depth biography of the man and presents him in many new lights. "Howard Zinn" is a strong addition to biography and political history collections.

Early Reagan, new edition

Anne Edwards

Taylor Trade Publishing

4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200

Lanham, MD 20706

9781589797437, $19.95,

Ronald Reagan has earned a place in history as an icon, love or hate him. "Early Reagan: The Rise to Power" is a new edition of the 1986 book from Anne Edwards, which tells the story of Reagan's rise to fame from nothing as a child to gaining Hollywood stardom and his early moves in politics. Tracing his life up to his official entry into politics as a candidate for governor of California, "Early Reagan: The Rise to Power" is a strongly recommended pick for those who want to better understand this American icon and how he became history.
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