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The Biography Shelf.

Voices From a Sacred Land

Lisa Paulson

Thistlefield Books

W7122 County Road U, Plymouth, WI 53073

9780981690605, $12.95,

Respect for the land and spirituality commonly go hand and hand. "Voices From a Sacred Land: Images and Evocations" is a memoir from Lisa Paulson as she reflects on her time in High Wind, a rural enclave in Wisconsin, founded as an experiment in spirituality and ecology. With plenty of images, thoughts, and philosophy, Paulson tells the story of the community and gives readers a truly unique tale with plenty to think about. "Voices from a Sacred Land" is a choice pick for memoir collections focusing on the environment or spirituality.

My Life and Other Lies

Steve Pitt


54 Melville St., Dundas, Ont, Canada, L9H 1Z9

9780981003771, $17.95,

The everyday occurrences of everyday life can be far stranger and intriguing than any fiction. "My Life and Other Lies: Tale from the Writer's List" is a collection of short tales from Steve Pitt, compiling the short stories he has created over the years and offered the internet. His stories are unique and offbeat, and also questionably true, as he brings a unique blend of reality and thought for a truly unique compilation. "My Life and Other Lies" is a read that will entertain for many an hour.

Finding My Place

Judah Leblang

Lake Effect Press

21 Bradlee Road #42, Medford, MA 02155

9780982551516, $15.95,

Around the country, there are those who encounter an endless array of unusual characters. "Finding My Place: One Man's Journey From Cleveland to Boston and Beyond" is a memoir from Judah Leblang, a man who shares his stories of attracting the wrong attention, trying unique cuisine, and the chaotic atmosphere of 60s and 70s Cleveland, Ohio. "Finding My Place" is a fine pick and worthy pick for memoir collections.

Heart of a Lion

Kyle Keiderling

Morning Star Communications, LLC

231 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY 10027

9780977899685 $29.95

Heart of a Lion: The Life, Death and Legacy of Hank Gathers is the biography of a passionate and dedicated African-American athlete who loved his chosen sport of basketball. At the young age of ten, Hank vowed to get his mother and brothers out of the projects; he spent a lifetime of hard work to fulfill his dream of attending college, becoming a star player, and earning an NBA contract. In March of 1990, he was the leading candidate for college basketball's player of the year award, yet he suddenly collapsed and died on the court at Gersten Pavilion of Loyola Marymount University. His dream did not perish with him; his team, the LMU Lions, dedicated their NCAA tournament appearance to him, and rose in rank to the doorstep of the Final Four. A well-researched, and thoroughly accessible account, Heart of a Lion is ultimately a story about inspiration, living life to the fullest, and giving oneself wholly to one's dreams and goals. Highly recommended.

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Title Annotation:Voices From a Sacred Land: Images and Evocations; My Life and Other Lies: Tale from the Writer's List; Finding My Place: One Man's Journey From Cleveland to Boston and Beyond; Heart of a Lion: The Life, Death and Legacy of Hank Gathers
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Date:Mar 1, 2010
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