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The Big Yorkshire Breakfast.

ONE of our favourite stories in The Examiner was about the couple stuck in traffic on the way to a hospital delivery room.

Realising that the baby was coming - midwife or not - Aimee delivered the baby herself.

We were lucky enough to travel over for a brew and a chat at VW Lightcliffe Motors in Halifax this week who had offered to valet the car and also supply them with a luxury car seat.

This is their first child and mum told us that nature took over just before the ambulance to find two had become three. Chatting with dad Andrew it was clear that adrenaline took over in those vital minutes, so how on earth did they cope? Well, judging by the smiles and gurgles from gorgeous Niall, it went wonderfully. New dad Andrew took us through the events whilst I enjoyed a cuddle with baby Niall and tried to stop getting broody. It sounds like something out of the movies and Andrew was doing everything he could to get through the tailbacks approaching the site of the lorry smash.

We heard that the honking of the horn, the flashing of the hazards and shouting out of the window were all futile as Niall was born. By contrast Aimee was calm and collected. How? You can only imagine the language flying round at the time but when push came to shove (sorry, rubbish joke I know!) it all happened like clockwork.

Watching closely and smiling sat Aimee, catching a bit of good natured eye rolling with myself as some of the finer details were discussed. I could NOT stop thinking how amazing she was, how on earth did she keep it together? Speaking as a mother myself who had basically shouted loud enough for the hospital porters to ask how I was doing, Aimee had delivered the baby in record time and with just two paracetamols . Mother Nature really is a wonderful thing but one thing struck me during the interview? Why on earth is the question "so do you think you''ll have another one then?" heard so frequently when visiting a new mum? Andrew mentioned to us that he would love another baby. Catching an eye roll from Aimee I get the feeling any future delivery room dashes may not involve the Elland bypass.

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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