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The Big Blue & Killers In Eden.

The Big Blue & Killers In Eden

An area just off the coast of South Australia has been the subject of legends and myths for centuries. Seafarers have told of an area so bountiful and thick with sea life, and of the incredible phenomenon of the feeding frenzy of the Blue Whale. For the first time, a film crew ventures into the heart of this amazing spectacle and captures all its glory in The Big Blue.

Over on the east coast of Australia, the people of the town of Eden recount another legend of the sea. Killers In Eden is an investigation into a remarkable partnership between humans and marine life that some residents of the small ex-whaling village can remember, and that local Aborigines say was occurring long before white settlement.

Here's what happened: During the night the villagers would be woken by the sound of Killer Whales thrashing in the shallows on the harbour. The whalers would launch their boats and follow the Killer Whales into the ocean, where they would find a whale, exhausted after hours of being chased by the Killer Whales. The whalers would do what the Killer Whales were unable to--finish off the whale with their harpoons. The whalers would sit back and allow the Killer Whales to eat the whale's tongue, and then the whalers would take the rest of the carcass to shore.

It was a profitable partnership, which saw the whalers become wealthy, and the Killer Whales never hungry, and which lasted until the one night trust was broken. (ABC, $29.95)
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Date:Jul 1, 2007
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