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The Bible And Marriage.

In your recent "Let Them Eat Cake" story (October Church & State), the baker cites "what the Bible teaches us about marriage."

What the Bible teaches is that marriage is one man and as many women as he can persuade or purchase or coerce to become his wives or his concubines. Remember King Solomon and his 500 wives/concubines?

The Bible teaches that if a wife doesn't conceive an heir for the husband, it's just dandy for him to sire one with a concubine (or handmaid), but then if his wife later does bear a son, it's OK to disown the concubine's son and to drive her and that child out into the desert and not care if they live or die. Later on it is praiseworthy to be willing to kill your son, now old enough to understand what is happening, if you think that doing so will please a higher authority.

It's also OK to sell your daughter into slavery so long as you follow the rules. And if your child is disobedient, ask the city fathers to arrange to have the disobedient child stoned to death.

Anyone who follows such biblical guidance on marriage and family life today would be sent to prison or a mental institution.

--Pam Green

Davis, Calif.

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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:Green, Pam
Publication:Church & State
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 1, 2017
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