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The Betrayal of Health.

For those who believe society is disintegrating and are groping for explanations, Dr. Beasley offers an answer and solution.

The Betrayal of Health is a provocative analysis of the nation's social and health-care problems. The author argues that we have failed to respond adequately to the nation's spiraling epidemics, chronic illness, and rising crime statistics. Unlike most critics of the system, Dr. Beasley implicates improper nutrition, the heavy reliance on stimulants, an increased usage of drugs and alcohol, and polluted air and water.

The population, he says, has become deeply vulnerable because of malnutrition and toxification and argues that the consequences can be seen in high infant mortality. Despite great scientific knowledge about the dangers of poor nutrition, few measures are being taken to educate the consumer.

Dr. Beasley deplores the unwillingness of physicians and sociologists to correct the strong link between chronic disease and social disorder. The health-care system seems to ignore the connection between poor health habits and social degradation. It is fixated on treating the results rather than concentrating on prevention.

It makes no sense, Dr. Beasley insists, to treat a dysfunctional child with medications when that child may have started life in the womb of an alcoholic or drug-addicted mother. The youngster may have also been raised in a house coated with lead paint, been constantly exposed to exhaust fumes from traffic, and might subsist on a diet consisting of soda pop, candy bars, and nutritionally deficient foods.

He predicts that "a generation of low-birth-weight, nutritionally deprived children compromised at birth" will produce a proliferation of chronic sufferers, mentally and physically damaged.

Hope, Beasley seems to foresee, lies in the gradual awareness seeping through the medical community. Doctors are beginning to realize the connection between diet and disease, between toxic poisoning and social degeneration, and between spiraling health costs and economic chaos.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1991
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