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The Best of Flair.

* Edited by Fleur Cowles * Rizzoli * $250

Like that one love affair you'll never get over, Flair magazine lasted only a year. But what a year! Each month from February 1950 to January 1951, editor and creator Fleur Cowles hit America's newsstands with a dazzling words-and-pictures melange that was as much an art object as it was a magazine. Flair preceded--by nearly five decades--such hip '90s publications as Visionaire. And Cowles's list of contributors was a namedropper's delight: Jean Cocteau, Simone de Beauvoir, Lucian Freud, Salvador Dali, Tennessee Williams.

Flair couldn't be launched today; costs would be too high. But Rizzoli International Publications has brought Cowles and her extravagant brainchild back in The Best of Flair, a boxed coffee-table gem edited by Cowles herself, who's still going strong at age--well, what does age matter? Dominick Dunne adds a foreword to a volume that offers a tree magazine lover's debauch.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Stockwell, Anne
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Book Review
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Date:Oct 26, 1999
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