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The Beautiful North: Ex-Carpets player Clint no more on the fringe.

IT'LL be a bad day for rock 'n' roll when characters like Clint Boon hang up their microphones.

The ex-Inspiral Carpet's Hammond grinder came back last year, against all odds, with his Clint Boon Experience - a pop band powered by this man's ability to play a cheesy keyboard line.

In fact, 1999 was just unbelievable for somebody who seemed finished in the business.

Now - along with Stubbs, Matt, Tony and Sista Stubbs - he's back on the glory trail which, in late February leads him back to Northern Ireland for a Belfast show at a venue to be confirmed next week.

Their last appearance on this patch of land was shortly before Christmas as support to the resoundingly in vogue Travis.

They played a show at the Waterfront Hall, which enabled the Boon boy to increase his profile in a country where the Inspirals where always huge.

The reason for the show is new single The Biggest Horizon which hits shops this week.

Significantly, CD2 of their latest bid for Top Of The Pops features two remixes from Derry outfit Hedrock Valley Beats, who signed a pre-Millennium deal with Infectious Records.

This is just one fact to their talent and, in all honesty, they made a fairly average song feel like a floor filler.

Clint Boon Experience are one of few bands who have realised the importance of the internet and e-mail systems.

Their website Boony Tunes is a great way of keeping the Boon Army up to date with their every move. Check it out at

You can also pick up some exclusive T-shirts at this site, along with everything from their debut album The Compact Guide To Pop Music And Space Travel to singles like White No Sugar, their coolest release yet.

However, you can't beat seeing them in the flesh.

It's lucky we told you about them then.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Murray, Colin
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 30, 2000
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