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The Beatles begin world domination and two deaths shape the world.

Byline: Wild Humphrey

| December 26 BOXING Day 1963 in America and the Fab Four from Liverpool released their single 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'. This marked the beginning of the global explosion of Beatlemania and the world of music became an even better place, thanks to the Beatles.

| December 27 ALL aboard. HMS Beagle set sail today in 1831 on its journey to the Galapagos Islands and beyond, as one passenger in particular was on a mission. He was Charles Darwin and this historic adventure helped inspire him to write his worldfamous book The Origin of Species.

| December 28 IN Paris, this evening in 1895 for the first time ever, a paying audience took to their seats in a cinema. As they watched the movie there was a scene where a train roared across the screen and many in the audience were so terrified, they jumped from their seats and ran out.

| December 29 THIS very afternoon in 1170 Thomas a Becket was bludgeoned to death in Canterbury Cathedral by knights wanting to please the raging King Henry II. Riddled with guilt the King later walked barefoot to the cathedral and was flogged bareback by monks as penance.

| December 30 THIS winter's night in 1916 the famous Russian Mystic man known as Rasputin was given a cocktail of poison by his enemies who then shot him and threw his body into the river of ice outside. But neither the poison nor the bullet killed Rasputin, the big man finally drowned.

| December 31 BORN today in 1720 he who would become Bonnie Prince Charlie, last in line of the house of Stuart. He tried to make a claim on the English throne and after being defeated at the Battle of Culloden this young pretender fled to Italy where he lived out his final days in Rome.

| January 1 IT was Pope Gregory XIII who in 1582 declared January 1 would be known as New Year's Day and the world (or most of it) would soon follow suit. In every 365 day year you will find, the day that ends the year is the same as the day that starts the year. That's a Fact!

Happy New Year!



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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 26, 2017
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