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The Beach House.

James Patterson. 2002. Read by Gil Bellows 5 tapes. 6.5 hrs, Time Warner Audio. 1-58621-286-9. $29.98. Cardboard, plastic; plot, reader notes. A

The story opens with a 90-mph ride on a motorcycle, and the plot continues at about that pace throughout. Peter Mullen's body is found washed ashore on an East Hampton estate where he had been hired to work as a parking valet at an exclusive party. Peter's older brother Jack, a law student, refuses to accept the official police ruling of accident/suicide. Blocked at every turn as he tries to uncover details of Peter's activities and as his friends who try to help are threatened, Jack realizes that he must take justice into his own hands if there is to be any justice at all.

Bellows fully voices the characters, and does an exceptional job of creating the voice of Jack's wise Irish grandfather whose support and participation are essential to Jack's efforts to mete out punishment for a wrongful death. Bellows captures Jack's emotions at the death of his brother and the frustration he feels at encountering the many obstacles placed in his way. Brief interludes of music occur at the beginning and end of the 113 short chapters. A fine reading of a thriller that reveals some perverse appetites of some of the very wealthy and their misplaced sense of being above the law. Carol Kellerman, retired Lib/Media Spec., Santa Fe, NM
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Author:Kellerman, Carol
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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