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The Bavarian State Library Starts a Project on Optical Music Recognition.

The Bavarian State Library Starts a Project on Optical Music Recognition. The Bavarian State Library has already digitised around 1.2 million objects of its collection of 10 million objects. In case of text-based objects (like books and journals), the use of optical character recognition enables the user to submit a content-based search, i.e., a search within the full-text and not only in the metadata of the objects. In the future, the content-based search will be extended to music prints. For this goal, the Bavarian State Library started a project on optical music recognition (OMR) in August 2016. In the first project phase, different OMR programs were evaluated on a selection of digitised music prints. Among these OMR programs are commercial ones and open source software.

After selecting the OMR program that yields the best results, this program will be applied to a large set of digitised music prints from the collection of the Bavarian State Library and use cases will be developed. One possible application that makes use of the OMR data is the search by melody, by harmony, or by rhythm in the digitised music prints. Furthermore, the OMR data will be made available as open data for other interested parties.

Jurgen Diet

Bavarian State Library

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Author:Diet, Jurgen
Publication:Fontes Artis Musicae
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jan 1, 2017
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