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The Baltic Electronics Conference BEC2010--already for 12th time in Tallinn.

The 12th Baltic Electronics Conference BEC2010 was held in Tallinn, Estonia, on 4-6 October 2010. The opening plenary session was held at Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), but all the regular Conference sessions and the final plenary session at the conference centre of Swissotel Tallinn. The Conference was organized by the Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics together with the Department of Computer Engineering of TUT. Support was given by the Technomedicum at and by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics. The IEEE Circuits and Systems branch gave the technical sponsorship to the Conference. The Competence Centre in Electronics, Info- and Communication Technologies (ELIKO) and the Centre of Excellence in Integrated Electronics Systems and Biomedical Engineering (CEBE) supported us as well.

The International Program Committee received over 100 papers from 20 countries, mostly from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Germany, but even from the USA, Egypt, Malaysia, Korea and Iran. The Conference program featured 10 invited papers and 81 papers for oral presentation. The whole Conference was dedicated to the 240th anniversary of the discoverer of thermoelectric effect by the Estonian-German physicist Thomas Johann Seebeck. All the published papers are included in the IEEEXplore Database and referred to by Reuters-Thompson ISI WoS.

The papers published in this issue is a selection of upgraded, expanded and joint papers from the proceedings of BEC2010. This is a traditional cooperation with the Estonian Academy of Sciences. In the name of International Program Committee of BEC2010 I am very happy to have such a support from the side of the Estonian Academy of Sciences for widening the publishing borders. I hope that such a tradition will continue also in the future.

doi: 10.3176/eng.2011.2.02

Prof. Toomas Rang

Head of the Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics

General Chairman of BEC2010

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Author:Rang, Toomas
Publication:Estonian Journal of Engineering
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Date:Jun 1, 2011
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