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The Balochistan Times, Quetta.

Quetta , March 16, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Anti-terror war and its fall-out on Pakistan Terrorism means to terrorize or intimidate a person, a group or a government for any mercenary motives. For instance, if a person has a lot of wealth and he is threatened by a barbarian or an individual having some vested interests to pay him his share or face the consequences. We call such intimidatory tactic an act of terrorism. Likewise, if an individual or a group of individuals warns a government to accept their unjust demands otherwise, they would resort to violence or extortion. This practice also comes within a sphere of terrorism. Since the occurrence of 9/11 tragedy, Pakistan was badly suffered by the acts terrorism or terrorist activities. Dislodging of the Taliban government in Afghanistan by Bush led America through its repressive moves attracted support and sympathy of the majority of the religious minded Pashtoon straddling Pak Afghan border. Hundreds even thousands of sympathizers moved in to Afghanistan to fight shoulder to shoulder with the Taliban headed by the squint eyed Mullah Mohammad Umar against the occupying forces of the United States and its allies. On the other hand, Pakistan was between Scylla and Charybdis whether to stand with the Taliban or support America which was supposed to be its product. The then military ruler, Pervez Musharraf exercised his maximum influence to motivate and persuade Mullah Umar to shun backing of AL-Qaeda Chief, Usama Bin-e-Laden who was wanted to Saudi Arabia, too in certain heinous crimes but the latter refused point blank to extradite the top Al-Qaeda leader to the US government or give up his patronage. Consequently, the United States carried out the worst military offensive against the religious forces in Afghanistan and dislodged them from the power bringing Hamid Karzai to the historic Presidential palace to run the affairs of this war ravaged country and restore durable peace and calm under a secular umbrella. Being a neighbouring state of Afghanistan, the Damocles sword was also hanging on Pakistan as she had a Hobsons choice either to support the Uncle Sam in the current scenario or get ready for annihilation and political dispensation. Nonetheless, Pakistani leaders sought suggested views of its closer states especially China and Saudi Arabia to work out a coordinated strategy in order to deal with the existing precarious situation more effectively. The two economic giants and closer friends of Pakistan strongly supported her (Pakistan) to take an impartial policy in the then ostensibly troubled scenario. But despite all its overtures to stand neutral, the United States pressure on Pakistan was mounting day by day and eventually it had to do what American administration aspired to take from her. All the US conditions were acceded to by the then Musharraf led government and shared all types of cooperation including that of intelligence with the Bush administration. The United States asked Pakistan to take military action against Al-Qaeda and Taliban in FATA which was considered a hub of terrorism and extremism. Pakistani government launched a forceful military offensive against the alleged militants in Swat and Waziristan and killed and apprehended hundreds of suspected people there. Some of the religious people were either killed in the operations or fled away from the areas. But reaction of these operations was severe as an unceasing series of bomb blasts, suicide attacks, arsoning and target killing started across the country that put economic, political and social conditions of the state in jeopardy. Pace of investment and commercial activities came to a stand still and people are feeling despair and frustration. But despite all these, America says to do more and what has done so far is insufficient. Our government is also perplexed how to deal with the situation as Opposition parties are not showing any sensitivity to sit with the incumbent government and work out any agreed solution of the current crisis. However, if the current spate of terrorism remains unchecked, the country may crumble financially and confront with more disastrous situation in the days to come. From: GULDAR KHAN WAZIR, BRC LORALAI.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Mar 16, 2010
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