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The Ballot Queen and The People's Cake.

Now that I'm on Twitter (WhiteJennyB) as well as Facebook, I've been seduced by the ease of forwarding sound-bite information and opinion. I've also been consumed by my work at Stockholm University's Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS — the institute is still debating how to pronounce the acronym). Now that my data is collected and my time on sabbatical is rapidly drawing to a close, I'm writing as much and as fast as I can. All of this is to say that I have neglected my blog (not to mention my friends and the gym) and I apologize. As a propitiatory offering, I attach below the relaxing sound track to one of my favorite movies, Hamam . It is a special gift to those able to watch YouTube again for the first time in many weeks.

And the politics? There has been little that I feel competent to comment on right now. The situation in Turkey is so fluid and unpredictable, that all possibilities are on the table. PM Erdogan has been campaigning for months to become president, without actually announcing his candidacy. The opposition has floated a few candidates without any campaigning. From PM Erdogan's own and his circle's comments, it appears that he plans a form of presidential rule quite at odds with the present more ceremonial role of the post. He believes that 'being elected' will imbue the post with power beyond, I suspect, what is on the books. (Ballot box as tank; the new, post-democratic "coup".) He will be advised by a group of hand-picked "Wise Men" which I envision to be a civilian version of the MGK (National Security Agency) through which the military used to steer Turkey's civilian governments. He is looking for a pliable prime minister, one of his own boys, the rest to fill the ranks of the government. There will be a turnover in the coming election, since many of AKP's stalwarts will have reached their 3-term limit. Some will move on to ministerial posts, thus bypassing their use-by dates. President Gul seems uninterested in becoming prime minister. Will he start his own party, leave politics altogether? No one has their cards on the table.

The presidential election is close, less than two months away. It's clear that PM Erdogan thinks his election is assured, so all that remains is finding the staff. Oh, and announcing his candidacy. As to his vision is for the country, that is unclear. He is focused on one goal right now, staying in power. Let the rest of them eat cake, as Marie Antoinette famously said of the poor. (The AKP's callous treatment of the miners of Soma comes to mind after the recent horrific mining accident in which hundreds died.)

And now for the promised upbeat music:

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Publication:Kamil Pasha
Date:Jun 5, 2014
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