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The Backwoodsman.

The Backwoodsman, published bimonthly, P.O. Box 627 Westcliffe, CO 81252. One-year subscription $17.50, two years $33, sample copy $3.

This publication caught my eye while browsing at a large magazine shop, but not for the usual reasons. In a time when slick paper, color photos galore and too-pretentious computerized layouts are the rule, The Backwoodsman looks something like a Depression-era newspaper. Ironically, this old-fashioned (frugal, perhaps?) layout was far more noticeable than the hundreds of lookalike titles that spend big money on design so they can "stand out from the crowd."

Like Countryside, The Backwoodsman is a niche publication designed to appeal to folks with an interest in rural living and a healthy respect for the ways of the past. Each issue includes old-fashioned techniques for skills such as trapping, Dutch oven and cast iron cooking, hide tanning, do-it-yourself projects for making objects and utensils of the past, clothes making and small-game hunting.

The magazine does tend to be heavy on muzzle loading and knife stories, but that seems to be a logical emphasis for such a title. Historical pieces and reports on re-enactments (meetings where people dress and act as characters from the past) were lively and well-written.

If you enjoy Countryside, it's more than likely that much of what appears in The Backwoodsman will also appeal to your tastes. I hope they don't modernize the layout and style.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Doyle, Al
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
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Date:Mar 1, 1999
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